Freitag, 7. Juli 2017

Awful strawberries but tasty after some work - strawberry balsamic vinegar

Our local super market offers a never ending supply of not quite tasty strawberries. Don't know why, maybe because we had lots of rain and no sun at all. They are looking great but you could easily paint a piece of cucumber red and sell it as a strawberry. Does not make any difference.

After the latest buy and try, yeah - pretty bad, I decided on a last resort: To just cook something with those boring fruits. And I made it: Strawberry vinegar. Yes vinegar or better some kind of fake balsamic vinegar.
I cut the berries - without greens - in rough peaces and put half of their weight in sugar on top. Heated them up until bubbling (think making jam), simmered for a few minutes until the fruit peaces were really soft and melted and lots of clear running thick sirupy strawberry juices were lovely bubbling. Mashed every thing with a potato masher and added little by little vinegar essence until acidic enough. I think I started with 250 g fruits, 125 g sugar and just a small shot vinegar essence.
I stored the vinegar in a clean jar.
After one week we tested the "balsamic vinegar":

Wonderful with goat cheese...
Vinegar essence - usually I use it for cleaning and weeding (just a few drops on a small weed and it will die - forbidden but it works, because the essence is really acidic). It has no what so ever refined taste. You cannot consume the essence as it is. Traditionally the essence was used for pickling big amounts of cucumbers. You have to cook a solution of water, vinegar essence, herbs and spices, salt as pickling brine first.

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