Sonntag, 16. April 2017

Easter treat: hot cross buns

Never made them before, but since watching the Great British Bake Off I longed to prepare some. Now the time had come, Easter, because hot cross buns are Easter treats, and I've searched and found Paul Hollywood's recipe.
So nice of him to share his recipes on his homepage.
See Paul's recipe:

Yesterday evening I made the dough while using skimmed milk (at room temperature) and put the dough to rest into the fridge. Well, no one wants to make dough a 6 am in the Easter morning to bake some buns for breakfast at 10 am, therefore cold fermentation was best.
The dough has well risen, and I knocked it down at 8 pm and just waited  until the dough had room temperature again. Than I folded in the dried fruits, spices and zests. I formed 15 buns and let the buns rise and develop for 1 hour and a bit
Afterwards baking was done rather quickly. Because I used more dried fruits, the buns are not as nice and equally round shaped with a smooth surface as Paul's. But they are very fluffy and tasty.

Changes I made:
Zestes from one orange only otherwise it would be a bit overwhelming orangy - sorry Paul.
I soaked the dried fruits over night: 200 g sultanas and cranberries, handful chopped candied cumquats and the very small apple dices in a little orange juice (half of the orange) and Amaretto (italian almond liquor)
I used 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon instead of two teaspoons but I added a very good pinch of ground saffron (bought it on the island Sardinia in September, very high quality) and ground cardamom too.

See Paul's recipe:

Here are mine:

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