Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

Gardening season

Today I started with the first planting session of the season. I visited a local nursery and bought lilly bulbs, flower seeds (sweet peas, cosmeas), salad seeds and some plants. First I planted boxed strawberries. Boxed because I hope I can keep some out of the reach of snails. It is an old and delicate variety called Mietze Schindler. Here we have four Mietze together with one future husband called Korona. I placed the Korona in the middle of the harem. To fill the big willow basket I put some wood and rotten plant material first and filled up with potting soil afterwards.The basket is layered with firm plastic foil.

And I planted 8 different colourful sempervivum into a bigger clay basin/bowl (40+ cm diameter) as present for a friend. One of the plants is named "chocolate kiss" (cute!!!)

First I filled some styroform chunks halfway up the bowl and added potting soil mixed with small pebbles and covered with pebblesafter placing the plants. I also put a little moss in between (craws like to clean my roof by picking up the moss and tossing it down on the stairway):


Sissi hat gesagt…

What a wise use of toilet paper roll interior parts!
I still have only my small balcony boxes, but I will remember your trick if I have a garden one day. I have sown lots of herbs in recent days and also naga negi for the first time. I wonder if they will grow here... Mizuna is already sprouting!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

I am still a little reluctant to sow seeds outside. The nights are still freezing cold (0 C), but I still have the seeds read: mizuna, chinese mustard, chards. Mybe I will start with chard and tomatoes inside (not much window space left).