Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

Soft old-fashioned toffee candies

Yesterday I prepared candies made from butter, cream and sugar. I still remember my mother telling a story from her childhood when she and her sisters tried to make candies all alone at home. It happened a few years after world war II ended. Butter and sugar were still very expensive and there were no candies for the children available - only on special occasions. So the girls thought it would be a good idea to make some candies on their own, using margarine and sugar they found in a cup board. It ended in a destroyed sauce pan, heavy smoke filled kitchen and some burned fingers followed by some serious scolding and spanking after grandmother returned. It went very wrong but they are still telling the story always giggling a lot.
So I went and made candies, using a recipe and some more knowledge as those elementary school girls.

For the shape: I cut the toffee simply into rectangles but some of the toffee I pressed into a small flower shaped mould: fancy ones to be used as presents. The mould is about 2,5 cm in diameter.

flower shaped candy

They are chewy but not that sticky and the taste is directed towards grown-ups: tonka-bean-sea salt.

150 ml cream (cream for whipped cream)
200 g butter, diced
1 big tablespoon evaporated milk (sweet and thick)
150 g brown sugar
125 g golden caramel sirupe
Good pinch grated Tonka bean

Let simmer on low heat until the butter is melted and the sugar dissolved (6 minutes)

Caramel base:
150 g sugar
2 tablespoons water

1/2 teaspoon sea salt flakes

Let sugar and water simmer in a heavy sauce pan until the sugar is liquid and turns amber (medium low heat). This is quite tricky: whenever the sugar becomes crumbly solid again just continue stirring until melted again, watch out for the color (use a wooden or silicone spatule to make sure to scrape the pan bottom while stirring)! Once it turns amber stop and quickly add the hot butter-cream-sugar mix but keep some distance because it will bubble and splatter and boil vividly, keep stirring.
Stick in a sugar thermometer. Sorry but there is no way it will turn out any good without...
Once the heat will reach 121 degrees Celsius (~10 minutes) turn of the heat, stir in sea salt and quickly fill the toffee into an already prepared oiled metal tray of baking mould.
Let cool down for some hours at room temperature.
Cut the toffee into the shapes you like (heavy knife recommended). The toffee is medium firm but elastic and only slightly sticky. It is quite easy to press small amounts of toffee into a mould. First I covered the mould with cling film, then I added a piece of toffee, covered it with another piece of cling film and smoothed it into the mold using some thump pressure. Afterwards I just removed the cling film and wrapped the toffee into cellophane.

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Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Old-fashioned toffee candies! I'd like to have some!

You don't have to feel sorry about using a thermometer, do you? (laugh)