Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

Third day in Tokyo

It rained a lot. The nice clerk lady at the Ryokan tried to lent me an umbrella but I already bought a cheap little chinese one in a shopping mall. Incredible 2 Euros, should buy more and sell them at home. We love umbrellas which fit into a purse.

Because of the weather I just made a quick stroll into the kitchen district again and bought some cookie cutter for little money and a big bag rice crackers. I like the design of the wrapping and they are perfect little souvenirs. Not the best tasting rice crackers for sure - it is just for the looks...

Afterwards I went to the subway station and headed to Okachimachi. I read an article about an art and crafts shopping mall located under the JR-Line which I wanted to visit. 
The quater lacks the charm of Asakusa, just business buildings and such but I found a 100 Yen shop and went in. I am still looking for some small dishes, but they had nothing really interesting - just the typical chinese products shipped all over the world. Guess I have to visit the kitchen district again. They had tons of nicer looking plates but the prices are totally different from shop to shop (looking out for the cheap and pretty).
Than I went down to the train tracks and quickly found the hidden mall. Did not see any other tourist, guess it is still a secret place.
One would not aspect a mall located there. But it is really good to visit. They sell unique goods from artisan pottery to wood carving, modern art jewelry, clothes, paper and such. Of course this is nothing for bargain hunters but very beautiful hand crafted products, better to leave your money at home...
I had my first japanese style iced coffee there. Incredible delicious, the coffee was not bitter at all, but very strong in taste with a little faint chocolate flavor.

For late lunch I bought a bento box. Deep fried horse makarel, noddle salad, potatoe croquette, sweet green beans. I saw a huge crowd at a small store selling those bentos and thought it must be good. The price was 240 Yen. It was edible but not really good at all - guess it was the price which hooked the crowd.
I have seen luxery bentos at the train station, in a department store, price range 1000 Yen and more - looked good for sure, has to be good.
They had a lot of elegant food stalls, asorted products from cheese to fish, rice-bran pickles, vegetables, quiches, chocolate, coffee and much, much more. Found some german products too :-)
At the bakery section I bought 3 small salty buns with different ingedients. I will have them in the evening.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

I found it. This one right?
Opened in December 2010... No wonder I didn't know anything about it.

What's your plan for tomorrow? Ar you going to go the Shitamachi area again? Do you ever have a plan to visit the Yamanote area like Shibuya?
If you ever go to Shibuya (to watch the now world famous scramble crossing, for example), be sure to drop in Yoshizawa Riko, where you can view Shigefusa knives together with carpenter tools.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

I already planned to visit Shibuya because I want to visit Tokyo hands. It is not far from the knife store, so I will have a look. Thanks for the advice.

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

There are some good kissaten (coffee houses) in the Shibuya area, including Chatei Hatou
which happens to be a favorite of James Freeman, the founder of Blue Bottle Coffee in the United States.

As for Yoshizawa Riko, have you checked out this post of Indirect Heat?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your sight-seeing/shopping in my hometown! (Did I mention I was born and bread in the residential area of Hiroo, Shibuya?)

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

I have sent Yoshizawa Riko an email, saying that a German lady may pay them a visit and asking them to be good to her if she does. Don't be upset! They won't rip you off. Just ask them to show Shigefusa and other knives, and look at the works of Chiyozuru Korehide 千代鶴是秀 (a very famous carpentor tool craftsman) that are on display, as you can see here:

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

>Incredible delicious, the coffee was not bitter at all, but very strong in taste with a little faint chocolate flavor.

You had the coffee at the Yanaka coffee shop?
Maybe cold-brewed coffee.