Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

Second day Tokyo

I slept really well. My tatami room faces to a very small backyard. So it was a quiet night. Tokyo has much less traffic than our cities. I walked quite a few bigger streets today because those street names are written in english and it is easier to follow as in the small neigborhood streets.
First I had a big Coffee at starbucks - cheaper than in the small coffee shop and I bought a very tasty bun filled with custard in a tiny little bakery run by two very old people. I guess none was younger than 90 years. Payed 90 yen so I had a quick and unexpensive breakfast.
At 9:30 am I started to walk the kitchen district. 
I found the coffee shop Hiroyuki kindly recommended. I did not buy anything because I had a bigger tour in mind. But I will come and visit for a second time for sure. Blue mountain coffee with blueberries... cannot resist.
After I walked the kappaboshi dori, I headed to Ueno. There I visited Ueno park and the Art museum Special exhibition Kyoto folding screens and sliding doors. Afterwards I went into the other exhibitions and bought 2 post cards at the museum shop. Behind the museum there is a bigger garden with a collection of ancient tea houses. Very interesting, especially the unisex toilet. Yes I went in but I was all alone, lucky.

There are a lot of temples and shrines at Ueno park and I visited them all. The one I liked best was an Inar shrine. Bought a charm too (money come in) hope this will help to pay the bills. Some recommended to visit the zoo and watch panda bears but it was crowded.

After Ueno park I tried to find my way back to Asakusa but I headed into the wrong direction. Did not matter. I found myself in a living quarter with some small stores selling interesting things, for example dried fish (in german it is called nine eyes), a shop selling all kinds of nori, a shop with pickled goods and a super market. There I bought tea, apples and mandarine oranges (lunch..)
At least I found a main road leading back towards Asakusa. Just a few more kilometers to go. At 15 pm I was back behind the shrine.
First thing I went into a noodle shop and ate a medium bowl Udon with very tender beef, so delicious after the long strall. I took a picture for a belgium couple and they took a picture of me too. We had a little chat waiting for our udons.
Now I am back and my feet hurt..


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

So, you are based in Asakusa?

You were brave to enter such a rest room!

Did you find the Japanese-style bath relaxing?

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Yes this kind of restroom you will not find in Germany. People are more open in Japan.
The Hotel is in Asakusa and they highly recommend the big bath. I like this area very much because it does not feel like a modern, crowded Mega City at all.
Sadly it is raining today so I guess I will skip my planned visit to Edo museum. Should visit some shopping malls instead.