Dienstag, 12. November 2013

Day #8 Tokyo Part II

After strolling around the ponds in Ueno park ( I was tempted to rent a Swan boat but decided agains) I went back to the JR station.

Walking over the street-crossing at the station the Ameya Yokocho starts next to the train tracks.
Between the street market Ameya Yokocho and the Shinjuku/Ginza Underground shopping mile are lightyears.
Ameya Yokocho reeks, it is crowded and they sell everything from dried jellyfish to wellies, fruits, fish, mushrooms, mobile phones. The restaurant boothes are small, dark and shabby on the cheap side. The smoke of the grills and oil of frying pans painted them in a greasy black or brown. The street market may look the same since many years: A market for the working people far away from blingbling. I had Udon at the museum, so no need to try kebab or yakitori. The kebab dealer called me over: neesan, neesan try my kebab. Neesan told him that this is the most common street food in Germany called Doener...and I am not going to eat Doener in Tokyo, but thanks and have a nice day - he was a guy from turkey. So Doener found the way into the far outside. In the stores the meat and seafood was sold uncooled and the chicken parts were stored in plastic bags at the floor. Could have been any average street market scene in China too or an oriental bazaar. 


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Ameya Yokocho should be attractive to tourists, but unlike in the old days, when there were no supermarkets, things are often more expensive there than in supermarkets.

Eight days in Tokyo... I wonder where in Tokyo you will go tomorrow...

La Coccinelle hat gesagt…

I found your blog today and it's great. We have a lot in common. I lived in Germany, near Düsseldorf, for 6 years until 1978, today I celebrate 11 years of living in France. I love food and cooking and am very proud of my daughter in law who is a Japanese chef and published her first cook book in June. It's called "Sushi at Home" and it is a beautiful book. I helped with the first edit before iit went to the publishers and tried out some of the recpes. I have given some workshops here for friends and they were very popular. I would love to go to Japan, one day perhaps.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

La Cocinelle, thank you for your comment, Yes, come and visit Japan . It is a great place to have Sushi to your hearts content.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Hiroyuki, only a few days left. I also wonder what Ito do the next days. Guess I will not make it to the places far out in the goonies, because there are still some things I have to do in Tokyo.