Dienstag, 12. November 2013

Day #8 in Tokyo

Todays program was Edo-Tokyo-Museum and market in Ueno.
The museum is not far away from Asakusa station so I decided to walk. It is located next to the Sumo arena and Kanto Earthquake memorial.
The exhibition area starts at the upper floors because inside of the museum is a huge hall, where you can walk over a wooden bridge ( Edo times) and watch Edo style homes. There are  daily life scenes too to look at and also exibithions as "how did a fire brigade work", Shoguns wife's kimonos, dresser and so on, Kabuki theatre, courtisan kimono and hairstyles, Tokyo after restauration, prewar and postwar scenes. All in all very interesting but there could have been more displays (because it was so interesting). I stayed around 3 hours and have seen all I guess.

Because I came back in the early afternoon, I had some coffee and looked after the train connection to Nippori, but there was an accident on the tracks and the trains were not running. I switched to the Ginza line to Ueno to have a look at the pond area of the park.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

I can easily get nostalgic by looking at photos 3 and 5, especially 5, which shows a chabudai (low table) and an issho bin (一升瓶) for sake.

The life style of people in Edo in the Edo period is very interesting even to the Japanese!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

My room at the ryokan looks the same as in #5, tatamis, low table, tea container, pillow to sit on. I followed a group of older japanese ladies. At one point one said: "Look, look, Showa, isn't it. Do you remeber!", all nodded and shrugged.