Montag, 11. November 2013

Day # 7 in Tokyo Part II

Harajuku. Next to the Meiji Shrine area you will find Harajuku. The fashion district runs around Omote-sando hill. At the main road are stores as Chanel, H&M, D&G and all the wellknown high or low priced brands as in every bigger city. Not that interesting.
In the backstreets are all the small stores located with cheaper brands for the youth. They offer a fashion which is a little bit crazy, funny and unique - all a teenaged girl can dream about. I visited a very famous store called Laforet with all it's little stores selling the things for the cute side of life. Kawaii!!!
The cute side of life can be really expensive. I wanted to buy something cute and crazy for a friend but 4000 Yen for an acrylic bracelet ( looked like a real slice of sandwich bread with the inner part gnawed out and only the crust left) but hell no. 
I went to this street:

On weekends it is cramped but today  it was easy

Bought my friend some earrings (christmas decoration with LED light) and hair pins with glittering christmas trees, she will be pleased.
It started raining with heavy winds so I entered the main street and a big department store.

Quite some illumination and it was driven by music, switching colors and displaying animated stars and snowflakes.
I visited a few stores, went into the restaurant area but it was crowded. So I left for the train station Omote-sando at the upper side of the hill to jump into the Ginza line again.
In the afternoon I reached Asakusa again and I bought some lunch at the Department store basement area. Lots of small stores selling all kinds of food. I decided on small portions of Spaghetti napolitain, noodle salad, simmered eggplants in a very garlicy vinegared sauce ( should have bought more) and two big bread crumbed fried prawns. Yummy.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Obviously, Takeshita Dori (Street) is not my type of street (laugh), but I once had a crepe there.

It's funny you had napolitan! Was it really tasty?

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

There is still a crepe booth and it was crowded. The pasta was good, spaghetti tossed in a spicy tomato sauce with some peas. I guess it was not really napolitain.