Samstag, 9. November 2013

Day #5 Tokyo

Today I went to Shinjuku. I visited the central government office and went to the upper floor to have a free view over Tokyo. Sadly it was cloudy and Mount Fuji remained hidden.
Afterwards we walked around in the basement areas connected to Shinjuku station. There was a genormous delicatessen section were we tried several snacks for free. Sea weed tea from Hokkaido, surprisingly natural sweet and delicious, different kinds of dried fish, from very tiny to bigger ones, smoked salmon roll, rice-bran pickled radishes, eggplants and cucumber, black garlic and maybe something I forgot.. I bought some tried fishy snacks too.

Next we strolled an huge Department store (Keio) were we had lunch at the 6 th floor. The floor is filled with very small restaurants which are little offsprings of famous Ginza restaurants specialized on the very traditional Japanese cuisine. The floor was crowded with older folks, we had to sit and wait for a free space. I ordered an one pot dish with crab meat, my aqaintance ordered a one pot dish with separately cooked vegetables. Each dish is served in a very hot cast iron pot and there are some side dishs as pickles, radish, fish cake. For dessert I got a piece of wobbly clear jelly, slightly sweetened and flavored with aromatic yuzu zestes. My dish was very good: the pot was filled with dashi, main ingedients rice, crab meat and scrambled egg. The best side dish was mussle sashimi topped with mustard, but even the vegetables were great. I did not leave one crumb.

As we were waiting for our lunch I made friends with a tiny 3 year old japanese boy sitting next to me. He was playing with a new toy and did not care about his lunch at all. I bribed him to eat up with a very small bag of german gummy bears. First eat up and then you may have this (of cause I first asked his parents for permission) He cleared his bowl really quickly. And had his 6 gummy bears - the good ones called juice bears, rich in natural juice flavor. Obachans know how to bribe little fellows... works everywhere.

Afterwards we looked into the kitchenware section which displayed famous japanese porcellain brands. Very nice cups, bowls and plates but expensive....Will stick to the kitchen district.
We had a quick coffee, looked into some other stores and the day was over in a blink.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

You seem to have made a wonderful trip to Shinjuku with an acquaintance. Sorry you weren't able to view Mt. Fuji.
So, you both ordered a "nabe" meal? It stands to reason: Everyone wants to have a hot nabe when it's cold.

You must have had the first taste of natto by now. How did you like it (laugh)?

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Did not had any natto, maybe I will buy some the last day and take it home.