Freitag, 8. November 2013

Day #4 in Tokyo

Whew I am beaten. Went to Shibuya and spent a few hours strolling the streets.
Did I happen to see the crossing, yes I did. Was it crowded, not that much. I arrived at Shibuya at 10:30 am and the big commuters traffic was almost over.
First I had breakfast at a coffee house: 2 pancakes and cafe latte grande - todays special offer. The pancakes were exactly the same as american pancakes but the filling was some sort of very salty soft cream cheese and the pancakes were topped with honey. I tried to scrape off most of the cream cheese and that helped a lot, tasty.

Afterwards I entered some stores where I found out most of the things (fashion) are the same as at home but we really do live on the cheaper side of life. I don't need to buy bathing soap from l'occitane in Tokyo, the same store happens to be right next to our train station, same goes for Zara and such.
Yes and the huge Apple store, did not enter.
But I found the knife and hardware shop Hiroyuki kindly recommended.
Some old lady showed me the knife which I had in mind, seemed to be reasonable in price and shape. It is very well balanced and I did not spend a fortune :-)
And I found Tokyu hands. I really had to hold back, geez how many fabulous goods. I so wanted to buy some kitchen spongues shaped like little manga animals but the price was ridiculous. I bought a small bento box, a lit for microwave (sadly they did not have the piggy face silicone drop lit too) and season greeting cards ( very cute and not as expensive as the cards at home).
Shibuya is very interesting but also extremely crowded and overwhelming noisy. I hate these j-pop music played all around, always the same song, some sort of avertisement. After two times it was just a huge pain in the ears: Squeeky girl voice, I could have strangled her.
I am very surprised how well the japanese adapted the christmas products. I had to resist to buy some awsome acrylic christmas tree with LED-Lights or a knitted cap for a sheepers dog.
But Shibuya is a very expensive place so here I am without christmas tree and cap with ears.
Today I made a new experience: Because I was riding a longer distance this is what I found out:
Japanese in Tokyo try to avoid sitting next to foreigners in subway trains. Maybe they think foreigners stink or are carriers of strange diseases or it is some kind of weired politeness. At the morning the train was only slightly crowded - ah a free place, sucks a foreign elder lady, better stand or take the next upcoming open place, better change the place whenever there is an opportunity. I wonder what they will do hosting the Olympic games, adding special carriages for strangers may help.
But some were so tiered, they simply had to sit next to me and snore at my shoulders, one lady right and one guy left on my way back. But they were not happy first, looking franticly around, there was no helping. They survived...

Just returned from early dinner or late lunch, had a huge plate of Chow mein. It is not that easy. The small restaurants in the backstreets are very attractive but sadly they use a ton of strange Kanjis to describe what they are offering and the restaurants with english menues seem to be tourist traps always offering the same but I dont wanted to eat Tempura or Katsudon or Eel sets for a fortune, so I went into a small diner in a shopping mall, tasty.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

You must be very tired both physically and mentally after all that walk and after having been treated as a "foreigner" in a foreign land... Anyway, I'm glad that you seem to have enjoyed window shopping in Shibuya.

If you ever want to have Italian food at reasonal price, I would recommend Saizeria サイゼリア.
There is one in Asakusa:

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Hiroyuki, it was just something I registered. I have been to other countries and all have different ways to deal with foreigners.

Thanks for the advice.