Samstag, 16. November 2013

Day #12 not in Tokyo

Where is it

It is at the sea.. splendid weather..
I have seen the weather report on my hometown: actually fog and 2 degrees Celsius. Today at the sea it was warm and pleasant about 19 degree Celsius. Hard to believe I will soon be home again. Must remeber to to wear a warm sweater on the flight back.

Today I jumped into the train and left Tokyo. Last chance to see old houses and shrines and temples to my heart's content.

Some 'mums

Cute little fellows

Old houses
And the sea 

Kamakura was very lovely, sadly I did not have time enough to take the hiking route from shrine to shrine. But I had a wonderful hot bun at one temple, filled with eggplant, mushrooms and I walked all of that beach and town.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

I like Kamakura, too. Went there several times in my 20s.
Yuigahama 由比ヶ浜, daibutsu 大仏, Enoden 江ノ電 (railway), and much more!

Do you know the name of the jizo?
Ryouen Jizo
Ryouen = Good match

It's sad to see you leave... I hope the destinations of your second trip to Japan include Niigata (Yuzawa, Nagaoka, Sanjo, Niigata city, and so on).

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Yes, next time I will buy the " ride as much as you want " Japan railticket and make a good use of the Shinkansen. This time was a first to see what I can do on my own and how good my japanese actually is.
Tokyo seemed to be a safe bet for getting along. And it is.