Freitag, 15. November 2013

Day #11 in Tokyo

The weather is bad, lots of rain, so I decided to go into an area where I can spend most of my time inside. First I crossed the Nihonbashi and went into the Mitsui Memorial museum. There was an exibition on pottery: national treasured tea bowls and plates, incense burners. Very interesting, the most famous looked rather raw, simple and out of shape ( Oribe) but that is the art behind it. At the entry all visitors got a list with the names and numbers of the objects and with marks about their importance. So I was able to see the most expensive tea bowls of Japan. Needless to say I was the only foreign tourist.

After this I wanted to visit an antique market mall in Ginza. I searched the location by google maps but that lead me wrong. As much as I strolled around, I did not find it. It is in a street without name, just numbers. I tried the I-phone map but the map said there is no such adress. After 1 hour I gave up. I walked down the Ginza shopping streets and did some window shopping at Tiffany and such. I walked some underground malls because of the rain, the eateries where crowded and I was not inneed to buy some lingerie. At the end I found the Ginza line station and went back.

In Asakusa I went into a Pasta restaurant and had some spaghetti with a touch of autumn, means different kinds of japanese mushrooms in cream sauce with tomatoes and cheese. Very good. Tasted not really italian. At an small artisan bakery I bought a peace of soft white yeast cake with a green tea swirl and red pean paste swirl for my afternoon cup of tea. Very yummy too, not that sweet at all.

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Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

I'm very sorry to hear that you were lost in Ginza. It's frustrating not being to find your destination when you know you are almost there...

I checked where the antique mall is.

According to the map, I guess you could easily find it...

When my wife and I visited Ginza to go to a particular coffee shop more than 15 years ago, we were approached by an elderly man, who said he was a volunteer guide. We told him where we'd like to go, and he showed us the way very accurately.

I'm sure a policeman in a plice box (kouban 交番) is willing to show you the way if you ask.
Besides, wasn't there a single person who looked kind enough to show you the way???