Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Day #10 in Tokyo

This time I left the cosy quarters and went downtown. First I visited Tokyo main station and then went to the imperial palace.
Shiploads of chinese tourists... nothing much to see, the palace area and gardens are not open to the public. Yes I stood on the bridge..

Missed some modern buildings?

Somewhere there is an emperor hidden..

I walked along the water way around the palace area and walked, and walked on one side is the palace area on the other side is an express way. Not the nicest place to be, had a look at the national theatre. OK.  Finely I reached the war memorial shrine. Did not enter because there were huge crowds of japanese elder people and no tourists at all, just had a glimpse.
Behind I crossed a waterway and train tracks to the backside of Shinjuku, at least I think it is part of Shinjuku. I headed to Kagurazaka. Walking up the Kagurazaka there are many shops and eateries with reasonable prices. Went into a Kimono- Store to watch their goods and bought an hairpin. Bought iced double dripped coffee at a coffee house founded 1933 in Kobe ( whatever) the coffee was not to my liking but the place terrible crowded.
There was a reason why I wanted to visit Kagurazaka: in the small backstreets there are some old Geisha houses which survived the war and modern times, fantastic. I strolled around and decided next time I have to visit Kyoto.

Main street
The areas behind

I went down again and walked through the Kanda area until I found a metro station. Early supper: Japanese beef hamburga with demiglace, mixed autumn salad. They put slices of steamed potato, sweet potato, pumpkin and crumbled marrons, walnuts to the mixed leaves-carrot-radish, very good.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

You mean you walked all the way from Kokyo 皇居 to Chidorigafuchi 千鳥ヶ淵?
You are quite a walker! And, you seem to like visiting what most foreign tourists wouldn't visit.

Chidorigafuchi is very beautiful in spring, when the cherry trees are in full bloom.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Yes there were very big cherry trees. But a little bit up to the memorial you may watch leaves too. Lots of people having their lunch break there.
While walking you see most of the world.