Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013

Donuts - nearly as good a dunkin donuts donut...

This morning I was a little bit bored. I planned to do some gardening but it is raining cats and dogs.
I decided to bake some donuts because we will meet with friends later on today and I know they are huge fans of donuts (and of almost any kind of unhealthy food coming from the USA). Therefore I will pack a bag for them - I am sure they will be delighted.
There are two different kinds of donuts available: cake batter donuts and donuts made with yeast dough. Cake batter donuts are much more unhealthy. So this is what I made: 

Cake batter donuts
Recently there is a hype about cronuts, donuts made off puff-pastry filled with fatty cream. This is something like frying fat in fat and fill with fat. I am not going to prepare something related because it is just heart attack on a plate.

The donuts I prepare are crisp outside and soft inside. I covered them with royal icing (for pink glaze I mixed  the icing with black currant syrup and sprinkled with coloured sugar, for the white I used lemon juice and sprinkled with coconut flakes).

For batter:
180 g flour
70 g starch
100 g sugar
100 ml milk
75 g butter
1 large egg
1 bag baking powder
1 pinch salt
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
a good pinch nutmeg

First I sieved the flour, starch and baking powder. I simmered the butter in a small pot until it turned into so called nut butter (amber coloured butter) and strained it to a fine mashed metal strainer.

I beat the egg, sugar and the butter (cooled down a little) and added the milk, spices, salt. Afterwards I whisked in  the flour until the batter was just smooth.

Meanwhile I heated up 600 ml oil in a wok at about 170 C. The wok has no temperature control  os I always use this method to check the heat: Whenever lots of small bubbles are starting to rise vividly along a bamboo skrewer, dipped into the oil, the temperature is high enough.

The batter is not firm enough to be rolled out, piping with the help of a piping bag is the only way to form donut rings. Therefore the donuts will stay really soft inside and I like the piping because it is a much more clean work.
I piped four rings (thickness of a finger) on small sheets of parchment paper and let the papers slide into the wok. After a short time I removed the papers and fried the donuts until one side was done, flipped them over and fried unil the other side was golden brown too.
I removed the donuts with a slotted spoon and let them sit on a rack to let the fat drip off. Meanwhile I prepared the next batch.

Afterwards I glazed the donuts with runny royal icing.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Wow, I'd like someone like you as a neighbor, friend, coworker, etc.!

In Japan, just the opposite is happening: Yaki donuts (焼きドーナツ), that is, baked donuts.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Ah yes I do know of baked donuts, you need special moulds. Baked donuts taste similar to cup cakes (not the real deal - laugh)