Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Very juicy coconut cake

I named the cake Pina Colada cake, guess why: lots of limes and coconut involved.

Pina colada cake
This cake is easy to prepare. I "invented" it recently, which means I did not follow any recipe, but it turned out so good, that everyone who tasted it asked for the recipe.
How to invent a cake recipe - I visited the Youtube channel Cooking with dog and watched the video Castella cake. I thought: ok this is a nice sponge cake but a bit boring to my taste.
So I took the cooking with dog-recipe as a mere base and just added lots of something...

This is a type of cake we call "Blechkuchen" (tin cake) which means baking sheet cake. To put it simlpy, it is a cake sized as a baking sheet: square sized and flat. Blechkuchen are typically home made granny's cakes in Germany, nothing fancy but well liked.
By the way you will need a medium sized baking sheet:

Basic cake:
6 eggs (medium sized) room temperature
250 ml coconut milk - not coconut cream just creamy coconut milk!!!
150 ml honey
250 g butter, soft
250 g flour
100 g dried unsweetend coconut flakes (finely grated coconut, dried)
1 lime, zestes
1 lemon, zestes
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 good pinch salt
1 bag baking powder

1 lime, zestes
1 lemon, zestes
2 limes, juice
2 lemons, juice
3/4 cup sugar
100 g dried unsweetend coconut flakes (finely grated coconut, dried)

Beat the eggs for 8-10 minutes until creamy white and super fluffy. Add lukewarm honey, zestes, vanilla and butter and beat again for 1 minute. Sieve flour and baking powder. Add coconut milk to the creamy egg batter and beat in. Fold in the flour-baking powder mix and coconut flakes.

Pour batter onto a medium baking sheet (3 cm rim) layered with parchment paper, make sure batter is spread even. Sprinkle with 100 g coconut flakes and bake at 170 C for 30 minutes. Meanwhile cook lime sirup:
Add juice and sugar to a pot and 1/4 cup water. Boil mixture until it turns into a sirup state: clear but sticky: just before turning amber.
Concerning the cake:
Make a tooth pick probe: sticky = no good bake longer, nearly clean perfect. Let cake rest in oven for about 5 minutes.
Poke holes all over the cake with a bamboo skrewer or tooth pick.

Pour sirup all over the cake. Let soak and sit over night covered by cling film.
Cut cake into squares and serve. It is not as sticky sweet as you may think. All the limes and lemons add a more adult tangy flavor.

I had a office meeting today - during the afternoon coffee break I served this cake :-) one guy asked if I could marry him - sadly no.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Looks and sounds very good!

Castella (sp?) is regarded as wagashi (Japanese confection) rather than yogashi (Western-style confection). It's very sweet, dense, moist, and full of eggy flavor. Many people of my age have a fond memory of castella.

Instead of asking you to marry me, I would beg you to live in my neighborhood (laugh)!

Sissi hat gesagt…

I love coconut sweets and this one looks really good. My favourite coconut cake is very moist and soft (almost custard). I prepare it sometimes with chocolate too.
I agree about castella. I tasted it once and found it strangely European. A Japanese friend told me she once brought this cake to a dinner at Swiss friends' house and was quite frustrated because people were visibly disappointed (she had promised to prepare a typically Japanese dessert, so I imagine their surprise). I told her that putting some matcha into castella would have certainly made it look more Japanese for Europeans ;-)

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Hiroyuki: I always thought castella was brought to Japan by portuguese merchants - a western treat.
Neighbor is fine. A harem could turn out time consuming and therefore annoying.

Sissi: I am going to prepare a wedding cake next weekend with some green (vienna)sponge layers filled with butter cream and black currant jam covered with fondant and decorated with gum paste flowers (oh god I hope it will turn out good...). I also prepared some pound cake with green twirls some time ago. Matcha is great. I wish it would be less expensive.