Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

What we like to eat on a hot summer day

Quite easy. Whenever it is on a weekend and a it is a hot and pleasant day, my husband votes for the BBQ-Grill.
The weather was really perfect. I have done some gardening tasks as getting my laundry spider ready. Since the weather was awful during spring and early summer, only interrupted by a mere few brutally hot and humid days, I did not use the laundry spider since last year. I had to hang the laundry in my laundry room or more often  I used the dryer (not that economic). But now the weather is sunny and warm and it is high time to get the spider fixed and cleaned before usage. After I opened it up I had to cut down the bushes besides. Never thought they would eat up half of the backyard, but they really did. So the next thing was to trim the branches and make way for the laundry.  Done, now it looks nice and clean but it was really filthy and covered with moss. I did some hand washing afterwards and the laundry dried in just 2 hours. Very good because I am starting to pack my laguage for my trip to southern france, only very thin summer clothes (not good with the dryer) and the spider came in handy.

snap shot in the evening..

After doing this I was quite hungry and we started the BBQ way earlier as planned.
So this is what we had:

my plate
Typical german sausage (called Schinken-Krakauer) which is made from brined pork meat. It is a very lean sausage made in a method reminding on it's bigger sister called Krakauer, hot mustard, different kinds of cold salads as:
  • Noodle salad with peas and celery stalks in a yogurt mayonnaise dressing,
  • Avocado salad with cucumber cubes and cherry tomatoes, spring onions and minced chili pepper, lemon juice and olive oil, salt, pepper; 
  • Big butter beans simmered in olive oil with garlic, rosemary, sage, savory, thyme and roasted tomatoes, salted, tossed with balsamic vinegar and a little mizuna, spiced up with pepper, cumin and smoked chili. 
  • Yes and some radish, bell pepper and carrot salad, just vinegar, salt and oil for a more crunchier mouthfeeling.. 
Husband had a grilled pork cutlet too.

I picked a 1.2 l bowl of white currants. This time I was quicker than the birds. I am going to make currant sorbet but this will take a night to freeze.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

I'm not much of an outdoor cooking type myself, but I would enjoy outdoor eating if there were no mosquitoes around and there was someone who is willing to do the cooking for me (and provide me with perfectly cooked dishes, not overcooked ones).

I wondered what "laundry spider" was, but the first photo cleared up my question. So, the Japanese are not the only people who hang clothes outdoors to dry. A lot of Japanese who live in the United States feel frustrated because they can't do so.

Sausage! I'd like to have authentic German sausage some day, together with German beer!

Sissi hat gesagt…

Do you mean this is "copied" after the Polish "krakowska"? I saw it in a German supermarket and thought funny it was called "krakauer" but now that I read the link it seems quite close to the Polish one except for the shape. The Polish "krakowska" is the leanest sausage indeed and therefore the most expensive among the smoked sausages, if I remember well, but it's always very thick and sold/eaten in slices. (Or maybe it has recently changed...).

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Sissi: A Schinken-Krakauer has much less calories than a Wiener (-100 cal). It is made from lean pork, lightly smoked with sometimes rougher bits of meat in (ham) and sort of spicy.
Hiroyuki: Do you think it would be a good idea to produce german sausages in Japan, maybe this is a good business plan for my retirement (laugh).

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

I could take up German sausage and bread making as a hobby, but not as a business!