Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

Plain Morello-Cherry jam

I had to harvest my sour cherries before they are going to fall down or dry up in the sun and the birds started to feed on them already (though they may have some - I am not that greedy).

As I learned from our local newspaper there are not many sour cherries available this year. Some farmers lost all of this year's sour cherry harvest due to the cool temperatures and heavy rain periods during spring. The bees did not fly during blossoming time and therefor all "virgin mary" cherries did fall down in an early age. These cherries came from cherry blossoms which had not been visited by bees but started self-pollunating. The cherries are now too small or they did not make it at all. Experienced this last year too, suddenly all the young cherries were on the ground and the tree was nearly emptied.
Lucky this year my cherry tree provided lots, not that much as in former years, but enough. I cracked open some stones/seeds just to look wether the bees did their work or not, but they did, at least in my garden.
I harvested enough cherries to receive 2 kg pitted cherries (this took me 1 hour) and cooked jam with 1 kg jam-sugar (special sugar for a sugar ratio 2:1 as in 2 kg fruit: 1 kg sugar) added.
First I mixed the sugar with the pitted cherries and let this rest overnight. Today I just put in my immersion blender and let it run for just a little while - let say 3/4 of the cherries stayed unharmed. I boiled the fruit mixture up, scooped out the pinkish foam and boiled for 4 minutes before I added a few drops bitter almond oil, filled the jam into jars and that was it

There are still lots of cherries left on that tree, but I have to use a ladder to harvest them, yesterday I picked the lower branches. I am going to prepare some herb infused sour cherry relish these days. The relish is very nice with meat and cheese.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Lucky you!

Sissi hat gesagt…

Oh, yes! Lucky you!!! I am a big fan of sour cherries. I was so happy to have them brought recently by my Hungarian friend...
Otherwise, I can only get frozen sour cherries from Serbia and I was so desperate to make some cherry infused vodka and sour cherry jams last year, I did it with frozen cherries. It was surprisingly good! (Of course nothing to compare with fresh fruits!).
It's so sad there are few sour cherries this year in Germany.