Freitag, 19. Juli 2013

Little journey or how to gain 5 kg in no time

I stayed in southern france for a few days. My journey went from Germany to Avignon, Arles, Cannes while visiting different villages and places inbetween, even Monaco was included (just made mere 4000 km more or less).
I took a lot of pictures which I posted on flickr , but here is some food related stuff.
The food was so tempting I gained a lot of weight and I have to go on diet for now. But I don't regret one bite (laugh).
For example on my first night I had this a lovely terrine made from fresh goat cheese filled with dried tomatoes and pine nuts and herbs, served with chilled raw tomatoe soup, followed by a meat dish, cheese, fruits:

Every night we had big dinners with lots of different courses mainly something with cheese, salads,fish or meat, tartes, ice cream, fruits. I could not take that much pictures. Even the breakfasts were feasts and - no wonder, I could not hold back. Worst thing:
Of course there were many shops on my day trips providing french delicacies I simply had to visit and were I bought something on my way for a small snack.

I did not stay and eat at this station but doesn't it look fabulous? This picture was taken in Arles it is a sort of Paella, rice from the region fried and steamed in a large pan with different vegetables as peppers ans meat or fish:

Shop from behind (laugh) this is really a sneek view

Here we have a look a the local goods for the sweet tooth: calissons, nougat, macarons (ah this terrible shops):

And extra large meringues:

We stopped a organic farmers store located in the middle of the Camargue (Carmargue region is famous for rice and sausages made from the black camargue cattles and wines - the grapes are raised in the sandy soil):

That's how it looked inside: They sell wines and olive oils, honey, herbs, sausages, terrines, jams, fruits, rice... we had some wine tasting too and a bits of these fabulous beef sausages.. (thats my mom from behind, she just jumped into the picture)

Visiting Saintes Marie sur mer I found this store selling Tajines, clay pots for stews. The whole inner circle of the town is like a big arabian Suk, one small shop next to each other, in fact it was a bit annoying, a big tourist trap, but this shop was nice and the prices were low:

I also took a lot of landscape pictures: this is an olive tree yard right behind my hotel, the hotel was owned by olive and wine farmers and it is well known for the good country style cooking (yes we ate a lot..) and the farmers family was so nice and friendly:

Lucky there were fields filled with lavander too, so lovely and delicious!!! At one hotel they provided jams made with lavander for breakfast, the best were a local produced apricot jam and a jam made from different flower petals and mulberries. Lots of mulberry trees and apricot, peach and cherry farming in that region, next to grapes and olives. But as I learned the real lavander died or is dying everywhere in the Provence. The plants got infected by a bacterial disease and the spread is ongoing. Now they are growing a cloned plant instead: Lavadin. So in fact this is a lavandin field:

And this is a small selection of things I bought:

Honey, rice, sausage, lentilles, herbs, a mimosa scented bathing soap. I also bought local candies made from herbs, cookies, lavander bags and perfume - because I also visited a perfume factory too but this is another story. And I bought olives, we had some as snack with the red wine.

Here is a very rare speciality : Candied Garden Angelica stems: I also bought candied melon and a big piece of chest nut nougat (found a great shop in Avignon selling tradionally made candied fruits only). The angelica stems have a very interesting and nice flavor. I wonder why they don't sell the here:


Sissi hat gesagt…

Kiki, now you should go and spend one week in Tokyo. You would lose your kilos. I guarantee! I ate really a lot, but you walk so much in Tokyo, you lose weight no matter what you eat.
I wish I could go to the South of France this year too... Your trip sounds wonderful and the food you have brought too. As for angelica, it's so funny but my mum used to grow it every year in her small garden when I was a child. She candied it and kept to decorate cakes (I was never a fan but it looked very nice on cakes). I'm sure you can easily grow it too. (PS There is a small typo: it should be written Camargue with "g").

Nami | Just One Cookbook hat gesagt…

Hi Kiki! How funny to see Sissi's comment on top. We were just talking about losing weight by walking in Japan. :) I'm currently in Japan and lost 3 kg so far by simply walking around everywhere... Your photos made me want to visit and those Tajines look beautiful!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Hi Sissi, hi Nami

yes Tokyo is still on my to-do-list. I did walk quite a lot, even though we had temperatures about 34 degree Celsius. Maybe I ate too much baguettes and croissants and the red wine did not help at all (laugh)..

Sissi hat gesagt…

Oh, what a surprise to see Nami here!!! Hi Nami :-)
Kiki, I am just eating the baguette I brought from my favourite baker in France... I cannot finish eating... for me good bread is the worst nightmare to lose weight so maybe this is the secret of Japan ;-) (There are also my clothes shop visits... I do this in every big city).

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Sissi: Japan cuisine, it is a combination of eating less fat and carbs. But it is hard, no bread, no cheese, no way - though it would help a lot. A collegue once lost 30 kg in no time just skipping carbs, but he looked so terrible sick (wrinkly and grey, dry skin) people thought he is suffering from a letal disease.
Yep, clothes, I did some gardening today for some serious work-out and I skipped fat and carbs... Bought a nice dress in france...

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

What a nice trip you made! (Family trip or something?)

Gaining weight... Yes, that's one side effect of taking a good trip...

Those huge jars are impressive!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Hiroyuki: Family trip - each and every year I am going on a journey with my mother. I don't have the time to visit her that often, she lives far away, so this is how I try to be a good daughter once in a while. She likes to visit other countries, but she doesn't like to travel on her own (and she likes to boss me around 24/7 whenever there is an opportunity).