Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

Foxglove summer

If there is something in my garden trying to spread and rule the world afterwards it is foxglove.
They are everywhere and they are huge: These guys are up to 2 m.

Next to my driveway - still marching on and one day they are out, free and away - we have some more...

Foxgloves ae not the only poisonous flowers I am growing, there are autumn crocus and lots of vinca plants (different types) and Aconitum but this year foxgloves are the biggest as so far.

Need some more of these: Papaver orientalis, but they are not fond of rain. I already lost one big plant due to some fungal disease I suppose. Buds and leaves went brown and soggy. After 2 weeks of heavy rain it was very damaged but there are new sprouts. This one is doing great shortly after heavy rain:

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