Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Weather report - updated

Last weekend, compared to outdoor temperatures during christmas, it was way colder outside, and this is end of May. Some call it the little november! Since days we have rain, ongoing downpours. The fields are soaked, quite often meadows turned into huge lakes with some happy ducks swimming around - the cows are not that happy at all. Lucky our motorway is built on an embankment leveled higher than the fields but a little more rain and I think I will have to row to work. Some streets are blocked from traffic due to flooding, there will be more to come because the rain will not stop for the next days.

Near my workplace some small rivers turned wild, next the flood will make it's way to the buildings in the city center, pictures taken by the local newspaper: This was a street..
Husband is a little bit worried about basement and sanitary facilities in his company. We had to face this once maybe 20 years ago: water rising up the toilets and the basement due to the flood, very disgusting. I would like to order some clear sky and maybe sun or we will end up developing webbed feet soon.

Seems we are rather lucky here, only a mere 70 - 80 km to the south and east it is so no fun...look at the picture gallery. Some of my collegues live in those areas. Some are voluntary fire fighters too and since 20+ hours up and still helping to rescue and secure


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

That's too bad! I hope the rain stops soon!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

No, it will not stop, but we had a sunny afternoon. The next days it will be rainy too. Flood warnings are still on. There are tons of snails having a great time in my garden, snail heaven...