Sonntag, 3. März 2013

Plaice-Salmon-roll and some white turnips

Tonight I prepared some fish. But first I made a small dish in advance:
Turnip in Miso-sauce

turnips in miso

Yesterday I found lovely fresh and young turnips and bought them without thinking even twice. They were so beautiful with crisp greens - I could not resist.

I separated the stems, the leaves and the bulbs and peeled the bulbs.

The stems were cut into 3 pieces. The leaves were sorted into big leaves without any damages and into others and smaller leaves.
3 young turnips
1 tablespoon sesame oil
2/3 cup dashi
1 tablespoon mirin
2 tablespoons sake
1 tablespoon miso
soy sauce
sesame seeds

First I heated up a good tablespoon sesame oil (the toasted dark oil). I stir-fried the stems until greenish green, added the smaller leaves and others, stirred and deglazed with dashi.
I added mirin,  sake and let this simmer for 2 minutes. Then I added the bulbs cut into halfmoon slices and simmered (covered? for 2 more minutes.
Turned of the heat and stirred in miso and a little soy sauce to taste.

Sprinkled some toasted sesame seeds and done.

But now up to the main dish: Plaice-Salmon-roll

Plaice-salmon-roll sliced and a little sauce

It is a roll made of two different kinds of fish, covered and kept together with some greens, usually I prepare this with spinach leaves, not today.

The big and beautiful turnip leaves were blanched in salted water just until softer, each by each, and layered on paper towels to drain.
Afterwards I placed the leaves each beneath each, slightly laying upon each other - on a board first covered with aluminium foil, then cling film followed by the leaves. I covered the leave sheet with a second piece of cling film and pressed and flattened the layer with a rolling pin.


I blended one semi-frozen salmon fillet, 125 g without skin cut into dices, with the immersion blender together with a sip Noilly Prat, two very good tablespoons creme double, a few chili flakes, pinch salt, pepper, a little lemon zest, until smooth. The salmon has to be nearly frozen or it will get precooked due to the blending/cutting process.
I spread half of the salmon paste over the leaves, just  a thin layer - of course I removed the cling film on top of the leaves beforehand.
Upon this layer I placed 5 small white plaice fillets (some sort of flounders), sprinkled by a little salt - each near each, leaving no space inbetween  (tailends up and down - plaice puzzle). Upon the plaice layer I spread the remaning salmon paste. 
I rolled the whole thing up with the help of the cling film as in making maki sushi:

roll,roll roll...

I wrapped the cling film around and then the aluminium foil. I folded the edges of the foil together a few times to prevent water sipping in or leaking out, because this roll has to be simmered in water.

Simmering time: 12 - 15 minutes in a large pan, nearly covered by water, over medium low heat.
Meanwhile I cooked rice and prepared a little sauce made of:

1 small young carrot
1/4 red bellpepper
1 small spring onio, trimmed
all cut into very small dices...

1 tablespoon butter
150 ml champagne (dry sparkling wine)
150 ml fish stock
50 ml Noilly Prat
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
1 heaped tablespoon french lobster butter (beurre d'homard) made of ground roasted lobster shells, butter, wine and flour (did not make this but bought it myself)
75 ml cream
little chilipepper

First I let the vegetables sweat in a little butter until glazed but not taking colour, added the lobster butter, stirred and added the Noilly Prat, After the alcohol was nearly gone, I added the fish stock and let this simmer until nearly halved, added the cream and champagner and let this simmer until the sauce was slightly creamy but not thick as a pudding and adjusted seasoning by salt and pepper, chilipepper and mustard.
The fish was done and I unwrapped it and cut it into slices:

Carefully I caught the liquid and added it to the sauce. The fish was juicy and delicious as aspected. Plaice is such a nice fish, always so tasty.
Because I bought wild salmon the colour is not that orange as when using the cheaper cultivated salmon but I think wild salmon has had an happier and much healthier life. Next time I will use spinach leaves or chard leaves again, because turnips tend to discolour a bit as I now found out - no biggy just a little bit not pretty enough.
We had some rice with the fish.

The plaice were really small young fish. I guess this lady (see link below) bought nearly the same. She decided to put them breaded and fried into a burger bun:

Which is as typical german as the rolls I made.
Plaice is eaten breaded and (deep-)fried or as roll or powdered with flour and fried with a topping of crunchy fried bacon cubes or with little northern sea shrimps. Don't miss those whenever visting northern germany: delicious.


Sissi hat gesagt…

The turnip in miso sauce looks delicious, but the fish rolls look and sound like from a highest quality restaurant! Are you sure you were not trained to be a chef? And what a wonderful idea to use the turnip greens!

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

I wonder if salmon and plaice are a common combination in Germany.

I don't think I have ever tasted plaice, but I can imagine how it will taste, because it's a type of right-eye flounder (karei in Japanese). Just as Sissi pointed out, yours is a very elaborate recipe!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Sissy: Next time I will use spinach leaves. The idea for this recipe is from a german michelin star grate chef (laugh) but I changed it a lot.

Hiroyuki: this combination of different kind of fish is very common, plaice roll are very common too. If you search google for "Schollenröllchen" using the image-search function you will find a lot.

muskratbyte hat gesagt…

This looks absolutely delicious! Very pretty!

I've cooked salmon wrapped in shiso leaves before... I wonder if I could use shiso leaves? (Shiso is expensive, so I don't know when I'll find out!)

The turnips and greens look especially tasty! I can almost never find turnips this fresh. Usually I have to buy the turnips and the greens separately.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Muskratbyte: It is hard to find good white turnips with crisp leaves. Therefore I had to buy them in an instant. The leaves wilt very quickly. Maybe that is the reason why they sell greens and bulbs separately at your place.