Sonntag, 10. März 2013


Last week I was rarely at home (did some 14 hours shifts at the job) and now I found some aged bananas dying in the fruit basket. Bananas with some dark peel parts! I don't like to eat those kind of very ripe fruits, but it is such a waste to toss them away. And there was half a can leftover sticky sweet condensed milk I opened a few days ago, because I did not have the time to buy milk for my early morning coffee. I totally neglected any kind of  household tasks and forgot to write down some orders for the other person involved as in: Eat the bananas,buy me some milk, don't get mad when I arrive very late and only after 3+ Caipirinhas...
I decided to bake banana bread to use up the bananas and the condensed milk. Besides I always bake banana bread whenever there are some ugly bananas left.

fluffy slightly juicy cake
It is more some kind of pound cake, not a bread in a german sense of bread, but who cares.
2 small ripe bananas (aging adds flavor)
1 teaspoon lemon juice
3 eggs
100 ml rapeseed oil (any oil without a destinct flavor will do)
100 ml brown sugar
170 ml condensed milk
150 g flour
100 g hazelnuts roughly ground
1 pack baking powder(~ 1 tablespoon)
1 small pinch salt
1 pinch nutmet
1 pinch cinnamon

I mashed the bananas together with a teaspoon lemon juice using the immersion blender. Added eggs, spices, sugar, condensed milk, oil and let the blender run until everything was runny, creamy and foamy. Afterwards I added the flour sieved with baking powder and the nuts and just stirred it in a little with a wooden spoon.
The cake or bread went into the oven a 175 C for about 1 hour. I glazed the cake with a mixture of condensed milk (still sticking in the can, lots of icing sugar and a good tablespoon hazelnut sirup).


Sissi hat gesagt…

It's a wonderful way to use up overripe bananas (I also hate these; actually I prefer underripe bananas). It looks moist and delicious.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Banana ripeness is something special. Underripe is one of my moms favorite. I just like them ripe and sweet but not with this special overripe note.

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Glad to know that I am not the only one who prefer underripe ones (laugh).

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

But really green bananas makes the teeth wooly (don't know how to decribe).

muskratbyte hat gesagt…

Yes, really green bananas do leave the teeth 'wooly' - I'm glad I'm not the only one that notices that! Your banana bread looks very tasty! I'd have never thought to add ground hazelnut, I'll have to find some hazelnuts for the next time I make banana bread!

Sissi hat gesagt…

Haha! Wooly teeth is a perfect description with really unripe bananas. I like mine just slightly underripe... so that they are not floury yet...