Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

Strange start of the gardening New Year

We arrived at home at 5 o’clock in the early morning (party night out during the New Years Eve).  
Just 2 minutes later the doorbell rang and rang and rang: Two guys telling us our hedge at the street side was in flames! Wow, never got that sober in an instant before - I can tell you. We ran into the frontyard and really right at the corner of the yard to the adjoining property the hedge was burning in high flames. Husband ran off to get the garden hose attached  and ready. Me and the two gentlemen meanwhile ran to our little pond and fetched water with buckets and started to drench the trees. One called the local  fire brigade.
After a few minutes we managed to calm down the fire, which was not that easy because the hedge is 2.50 meters high and the flames went even higher. The fire brigade came and gave the hedge a few 1000 liters of water  to clear the area from pockets of embers.  All in all it maybe took 20 minutes and it looked quite spectacular.  I was soaked in water, standing in the mud, still dressed for a night out and it rained too. Right before we went out that night Husband jokingly told our neigbor to ring him up at his mobile phone whenever our house starts to burn during fireworks.What a laugh!

The reason for the fire: During the fireworks at midnight and later some fire cracker or rocket launched into the hedge and started to slowly burn the hedge from the inside. The fire fighters told us that this was the second hedge in fire during the night.
We lost about 4 cypress trees.  Looking at the damage in daylight it could have been worse and lucky neither our house nor the neigbor’s car (which was parked right beside the hedge) or house was affected by the fire. Lucky the two passerbys reacted so quickly, lucky we came home late, the piggies worked fine.
I think I will get rid of the whole cypress hedge. Time to plant a new hedge in early spring which is a little bit more kind of fire proof...

burned parts - wooden fence not harmed!

Now we can look into the neigbor plot


Sissi hat gesagt…

I'm so sorry for the hedge incident... As you said, luckily it was not the house.
I hope you can find some quickly growing hedge plant to replace the burnt part. Happy New Year!

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Happy New Year!

What a story! I was glad no one was hurt.

I wonder if it is common in Germany to set off fire cracker on New Year's Eve. Reminds me of fire crackers to celerate the New Year in China.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Hi nobody was harmed and the damages were minor - trees only. The rest is up to the insurance company. Yes to set fire crackers is very common.
Fire crackers are the most liked by young males 12 years to 16 years old. Usually they start with lighting them up in the early evening, during the night and the day after until they ran out of crackers. I guess some got seriously scolded by they parents after the hedges burned in our small village, not a single cracker sound afterwards and the day after and this is very unusual. I guess all crackers had been confiscated - right so, laugh.