Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2012

Christmas dinner

Sorry to say we did not have the time to make any pictures. As for christmas eve we had a lot of appetizers: tiny puff pastry tartes with dried tomatoes, goat cheese, olives or onion jam and fois gras or onions and sardines; followed by salads: ceasars salad, celeriac-carrot-orange-apple-walnut- salad. Afterwards deer stew with wild mushrooms, potatoe dumplings, red cabbage stew.

Dessert was english christmas pudding with a sip of homemade Advocaat and some whipped cream. I made a lot of pudding, just one serving left over. The pudding has been simmered in a pudding tin (tin with a lid) for about 3 hours (very traditional), but it never looks very good on pictures, just a dark something:

It is made from lots of ingredients as candied and dried fruits, treacle, sugar, bread,  flour, butter, eggs, rum, orange juice, coconut flakes, spices. The advocaat was made from egg yolks, condensed milk and light evaporated milk, vanilla and Bourbon. Kind of tricky to adjust the thickness because first the egg yolks were simmered and whisked with the condensed milk until a very thick custard formed. After cooling I added the bourbon and it was still a thick custard: Hell of a booze not for drinking but to be eaten by spoon (laugh). Adding light (4% fat) condensed milk did the trick, little by little it reached a more runny state (laugh).

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