Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Sweet and sour spicy pork loin with baby bok choy

This is a quick dish I prepared for husband. I was a little bit in a hurry and this can be done in a blink. It serves 2-3 so he had to eat it two days in a row (yesterday and today) and no complaints. In fact he loves pork loin. Yesterday I had a lot of sushi with a friend (they opened a new store) and I had renkon sandwhich so I skipped this and therefor I had it easy today - no cooking at all.
First I thought about deep frying breaded thin slices loin japanese style but that would have taken too much time and the fat intake is something to be considered.

Time schedule:
  • Wash and steam rice (all in all 20 minutes). I don't own a rice cooker.
  • Meanwhile cut 8 small "baby" bok choy lengthwise, cut 1 small pork loin into thick slices, cut 3 spring onions in 1 cm thick pieces (3 minutes - I am rather quick with my chef knife)
  • Sear loin in a very hot pan, using only a little oil, sear on both sides until coloured (3 minutes)
  • add a sip soy sauce, sip sake, tablespoon sugar and a sip water (took only a few seconds)
  • Open a jar Sechzuan Kung Po sauce and pour 1/2 over. Yes yes, I sometimes use ready made sauces, I was in a hurry... (seconds)
  • Add a little pineapple juice, a sip vinegar and 1 small can pineapple chunks - only lightly sweetened (seconds)
  • Add spring onions and  simmer  for 2 minutes. Turn off the heat and close pan with a lid.
  • Meanwhile heat up a little bit dark sesame oil in a pan, add 1 tablespoon sesame seeds, toast them for a minute, add bok choy and a little broth (instant dashi), close the pan with a lid and steam 3 minutes. Add only a little soy sauce (give or take 5 minutes). 
Done when rice was ready. Last week I bought 1 kg Basmati rice which tastes wonderful, never had such good Basmati before.

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