Samstag, 3. November 2012

Spicy tofu and cabbage stir fry

Yesterday I decided to use up left over chinese cabbage and 200 g firm tofu and cook a meal in no time...
I had removed half of the cabbage (tender top part only) days before and made a juicy tangarine-cabbage salad. Now was the question what to do with the bottom half: thicker stems and less leaves.
And it went just like that:
I cut the bottom half in thick slices (3 cm?) and halved the leaves lengthwise. Afterwards I cut 3 lean spring onions and 1 pointed red bell pepper and 1 celery stalk in thin stripes or slices.
The patted dry Tofu was cut into rectangle slices and each slice topped with a tiny little bit hot black bean sauce (fermanted beans and chilli - sechzuan style) I tossed and rubbed them carefully so the bean sauce could gently coat the tofu - but not to much bean sauce. Bean sauce is hot as hell.
Afterwards I tossed the tofu in a little starch and deep fried the tofu just for two minutes until golden.

I heated up some dark sesame oil and the common oil (only a little) in a deep non stick pan and stir fried the vegetables. When the vegetables were nearly done (bell pepper lost some firmness)  I added 1 tablespoon sugar, 2 tablespoons mild white wine vinegar, soy sauce, chinese cooking wine (sake or sherry are good too) and some minced ginger and let it boil just a little bit to combine the flavours and let the thicker cabbage parts get a little softer. Afterwards I tossed with the tofu. I adjusted the seasoning with a little soy sauce chilli paste and salt (no directions just a little bit this and that)
Very nice with Basmati rice.

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