Samstag, 10. November 2012

Death by choclate Rum balls - Rumkugeln

Not for children:  contains lots of alcohol

Rumkugel tossed in chocolate flakes

Rumkugeln is a common product in german bakeries and pastry shops all the year round, not connected to any seasons. Rumor has it that it is made out of cake and bread crumbs they found by sweeping the floor and trays in a bakery.
Basic ingredients: crumbs of (leftover) sponge cake, pound cake, any pastry, cookies, chocolate, fat, sugar and "we don't want to know" and rum.  The quality of Rum balls depends on the quality of the ingredients. Without lots of real rum they are bad, that is a given.
I don't have Rum balls that often. It is a question of an sudden urge, visiting a bakery, looking at Rum balls and starting to think about it: When was the last time I had one, and oh no, they are really bad, unhealthy, I wonder if they will taste good... doesn't matter! Happens only once in five years or so. Today was such a Rum ball day but I did not buy any. I prepared them on my own. 

I had a leftover chocolate sponge cake layer (made a blackforest cake some time ago) in storage. Rumkugeln are made from leftover cakes, perfect!
I crumbled the layer into fine crumbs (180 g), soaked 200 g damaszene plums in Meyers’s Rum (1/2+ much more cup),  cooked a chocolate custard  (100 ml milk and 1 very heaped tablespoon chocolate custard powder and 1.5 tablespoons brown sugar) – resulted in a very stiff custard and let it cool down to room temperature. I beat in 100 g soft butter, spoon by spoon until a nice soft chocolate buttercream (custard based german buttercram) formed. See, I faked the use of a leftover buttercream pastry...
Next I pureed the plums together with the soaking  liquid (aka Rum), mixed this with the crumbs and buttercream. I added 2 tablespoons roasted almonds, chopped finely and another sip rum.
I stored this mixture in the fridge for a few hours until getting firm enough to be formed. I formed 8 balls and tossed them in chocolate flakes and another batch in cocoa powder. These Rumballs have to be stored in the fridge, they are not too firm and very addicting.

There are lots of basic recipes available, most call for melted chocolate and firm white coconut fat. I had a lot of chocolate in the black forest sponge cake layer so I skipped this and went with chocolate buttercream and I don’t use coconut fat (it is really unhealthy). All in all my recipe has less fat and sugar than others because I substituted some of the crumbs, fat and chocolate with the plums but that is fine because in reality there exists no perfect and balanced recipe for Rum balls, a Rum ball takes what you have on leftover pastry and anything else, even fruit pies...


Sissi hat gesagt…

Kiki, your rum ball looks fantastic and makes me crave for something I have called "thrifty truffles" ( and which I haven't prepared for months... Your ball looks more chocolatey and more rummy ;-) and very inspiring.
In Poland there are exactly the same balls and many mothers forbid children to buy them because of the floor sweeping legend ;-) (I'm sure they do this with the cakes which have fallen to the floor though! especially in Poland...).
When made at home these truffles often taste better than the original cake, especially if it was a heavy sponge cake type brought by someone...

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Yes it has to be rummy. The lack of rummyness is the reason why most of the store bought rumballs are no good. They use artificial rum flavor only and cheap fat - cheapskates. I don't believe that cake related accidents happen that often in german bakeries / pastry shops (maybe in poland). But I do believe that they don't waste any products. It is a tough business and most bakeries are struggeling nowadays. When a cake cannot be sold anymore, because it is made 2 days ago (there is always a second day sale off of cakes from the day before) they will turn them into rumballs. They even cut old bread rolls into chunks, dry or bake the chunks twice and sell them as junk food for horses or mill them into panko flakes. See, no waste.