Freitag, 9. November 2012

Cream of potato soup with smoked salmon

Today I prepared a creamy potato soup. There were some potatoes left, waxy and not waxy and the weather called for something warm and filling. And there was also a piece of smoked salmon in the fridge, running out the best before date, crying eat me, eat me....  It was smoked as Stremellachs (Stremel means thick stripe and lachs salmon) a german type of hot smoked salmon.

I like creamy soups, they are comfy. Usually cream of potato soup is rather plain or contains mushrooms as boletus. But this soup is one of my favorites "Potato and salmon" because salmon and potaotes go together well and the very light smoky taste is just right:

Just a short explanation of Stremellachs from the german Wikipedia:

In an old encyclopedia from 1858 this entry was found:
In Eastern Prussia  (Frl.Trude: formerly german now russian territory) they use to slice open salmons of medium size, disembowel and half the fish lengthwise - from head to tail. Afterwards the fish has to be salted and smoked for a few days in a row and they call this good Striemel (Stremel). To be sold on street markets under this name in Königsberg. 
Nowadays  the salmon (salmon salar) fillets are soaked in a salted brine, cut into thick slices (Striemel) and smoked at 70 degree Celsius, not much difference...

You need:
Vegetables diced into chunks
500 g potatoes,
¼ celery bulb
1 carrot
(all vegetables peeled)

1 tablespoon bacon dices
Fish broth (400 ml) + water to nearly cover the vegetables
200 ml cream
1 tablespoon tarragon, chopped (works with chives or parsley too but tastes different)
1 pinch chilli pepper
1 pinch sweet chilli pepper (paprika)
black pepper
200 g smoked salmon, plucked into small chunks, the fish has a soft and juicy texture...

2 slices white bread
1 garlic glove
pinch herbs from Provence (dried thyme, rosemary, sage, lavender, laurel leaf)
olive oil

First simmer the vegetables in broth + water with a little salt until soft (instead of fish broth/stock use vegetable broth, dashi stock). Mash and blend until smooth, add cream and heat up slowly while stirring with a whisk – if the soup is too thick add water.  Add spices. Add the salmon right before serving, don't simmer the salmon. Serve with herbed croutons.

For croutons, dice 2 slices white bread in smaller cubes. Heat up olive oil and a crushed garlic glove in a bigger pan (pan bottom should be covered by oil), fry the bread dices until golden, add a small pinch herbs from Provence and salt, toss and remove from heat. Herbs from Provence are not really important. Plain salted croutons will work too but I like the herbed ones better.

I tried this soup with different kinds of smoked fish: Eel, makarel is fine too.


Sissi hat gesagt…

Very interesting! I have never made potato soup with salmon, but I do add smoked fried bacon on top all the time, so I know how the smokiness improves the flavours here.
I also like the big amount of celeriac you have added. I must try this way one day too.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Believe me, it is good. You may use the common smoked salmon too.