Montag, 26. November 2012

Christmas Market - yeah!!!

Yes, it is the season. Christmas Market opened today! A little bit early this year but no complains, - except from the churchs (but who cares...)
Doesn't it look magic?
Me and my collegues are going to visit during lunchbreaks until it will close . We will meet with old collegues from fomer departments and retired friends too. End of the Christmas Market season is just a few days before Christmas.
Usually we will eat such sort of food during the season:
grilled sausages, grilled spicy cheese in flat bread with cabbage salad, chinese fried noodles, mushrooms in garlicy cream sauce, fish in breadrolls, deep fried sweet yeast dumplings, grilled marrons, stews, crepes, roasted sugar coated almonds, steamed potatoes, meat skrewers, roasted meat from the big metal skewer and, and, that depends Lots of mulled wine or hot cocoa, tea too...  Tomorrow I am going to have a closer look at the food stalls and I want to buy some christmas decoration and spices and maybe some smaller gifts as handmade soap, candles.
It will be nice and fun and comfy as every year. I just had a small quick walk on my way back to have a look at the illuminations.

crappy pictures with my iPhone


Sissi hat gesagt…

Christmas markets make me think of mulled wine :-)

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Yes mulled wine, but most of the time I have to ride home by car, so no alcohol for me. The best (alcoholic) mulled wine I ever had was at the medieval christmas market in Dresden (orange-ginger-wine). We tried to get the recipe but they did not tell us. The christmas markets in Dresden are the most beautiful (not the Striezel market) but the market around the Frauenkirche and the medieval market. I wish I could visit again this year.