Dienstag, 4. September 2012

Tomatoe quiche

Today I decided to use up left over goods from my fridge. We have lots of small tomatoes in our garden so something along with tomatoes was a sure thing to do.

Looking into my fridge I found a bit greek sheep cheese (Feta cheese), some plain yoghurt, 2 slices bacon, 1 big egg - pretty perfect for a quiche - a salty kind of cheese cake for 2 or 1 person with some appetite.

small slice

Therefor I picked cherry tomatoes (about 20), different kinds and colours.

Made a quick pie dough:
4 tablespoons flour
2+ tablespoons butter
a little water
Just rubbed cold butter dices with flour and added a little water to the flakes until dough came together. Let it cool 30 minutes and rolled it into a very thin layer for a small pie mould. I took 2/3 dough for the buttom and 1/3 for the rim of the pie.


125 ml yoghurt
1 teaspoon starch
1 big egg
until smooth;

1 teaspoon thyme leaves and some small oregano leaves
1 good pinch Harissa powder or sweet chilli (not very hot) and pepper
1 very small pinch salt
80 - 100 g cheese, crumbled and stirred again.

I baked the pie layer without filling for about 12 minutes at 170 degree C. Filled in the cheese-yoghurt mixture together with tomatoes (bigger cherry tomatoes halved). Sprinkled a little onion slices (1/2 small red onion) on top of the filling.
Baked the pie for 40 minutes or until golden and firmer.
Sprinkled with crumbled roasted bacon rushers just befor serving.

To be served lukewarm or cold with salad - if the quiche is still hot out of the oven the tomatoes are hot as hell, better to let it settle down a bit or it will hurt.

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