Samstag, 22. September 2012

Quick Spaghetti dish

I turned the latest tomatoe harvest into a really quick supper. Doing something quickly is my favorite: Looking at the time - SHOCK husband will arrive at home in about 15-20 minutes...what to do, what to do (if I don't cook anything, he will just help himself with some plain sandwiches - not that healthy at all. I think one warm meal a day is important). This behaviour causes such creations:
Meatballs, tomatoes and goat cheese
First I boiled up the water for the pasta.
Next I squeezed out the sausage meat of 2 raw german Bratwurst* sausages. Could easily take any kind of raw rough coarse meat sausages as italian or spanish sausages too. Squeezing the meat out of the sausage skins, bit for bit, results into turning the stuffing into tiny meat balls - very convenient. I heated up a little olive oil and roasted the balls together with a chopped onion and a sliced garlic glove until the balls turned golden and the onion translucent, glossy golden brown. I added 2 chopped anchovis and 300 g halved cherry tomatoes and a pinch roughly chopped fennel seeds, chilli flakes and pepper. I just fried it a little more. Finally I added about 80-100 ml water and a little salt and let the sauce simmer until the liquid was reduced to half (nothingness) and the tomatoes were soft. Meanwhile I cooked the pasta. Last but not least I adjusted the seasoning of the sauce with a teaspoon honey and a little more salt - the sweetness of the honey will cut the acidity of the tomatoes. I crumbled 2 small goat cheese (fresh soft goat cheese with a very mild taste) into the sauce and tossed everything with the pasta - the cheese will melt during this process. Preparation time: 15 minutes

*)The coarse raw sausage meat (pork) is already spiced up with typical Bratwurst spices as pepper, herbs and it is always a little bit salty.

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