Montag, 6. August 2012

Hanging basket: ferns and orchids

Right now I am enjoying my summer holidays at home. And it is not boring at all. I have a lot to do around the house.
So for today I made a new rather big hanging basket to brighten up my terrace. It is so much fun to visit the greeneries during work day mornings: the stores are quite empty, no problems with the parking lots and  as much time as I want to chose. I bought:

1 iron basket (very cheap because the planting season came nearly to its end)
2 small ferns (Asplenium scolopendrium)
2 small orchids (Phalenopsis)
1 penny leave? (dont know the name guess some kind of Euonymus fort. minimus) - plant with very thin and long sprigs, oval leaves, climbs and hangs)
This will make a basket for outside during summer time and inside during the rest of the year. All plants are perentuals.

result: hanging basket

And I also bought a bigger potted rosmary, Rudbeckia cherokee sunset and Echinacaea - the strong winter ruined some of my border plants  and I waited quite a while hoping they will make it back somehow (some did by their seeds yet not all). But now I had to plant something new instead because I was missing plants providing some late summer to autumn blossoming showing vivid colours.

At home I layered the basket with a coconut fibre mat (it will change its colour soon to a more darker tone and will look much better) and filled in soil for potted plants mixed with shredded wood and long time fertilizer. I planted the penny leaved plant in the middle of the basket (it will overgrow the whole thing very quickly) and set one fern aside.
I made a cut into the coconut fibre mat and planted the second fern into this opening at the side of the basket. I filled orchid soil in 2 bags I made from an old black moskito net and planted the orchids in these. I wrapped the bags with wild grape and used some wire to attach the bags at the outside of the baskets because the soil for potted plants is leathal for orchids (watering: just watering from time to time from above and the Orchids will get sprayed with soft water every day).
Afterwards I used some wisteria cuttings to rough up the whole thing (just to add a little bit more chaotic jungle feeling). Finishing move: I attached a wind chime. I am still collecting japanese wind chimes: bells made from glas or ceramic or from metal with  a wind catcher attached made from paper . This time I picked a small fat ceramic sumo fighter from my collection who makes a loud and more deep sound - not this small ting ting as the glass chimes.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Very attractive basket of plants!

You are a fuurin collector?
It's now rare that I see a fuurin hanging on the eaves even in a rural area like mine.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Years ago I have seen my first fuurin in TV and I said to my husband something like: "Look, how cute!" We already had some wind chimes around the house made of metal tubes. After a few weeks he surprised me with 3 goldfish tank shaped glass fuurin he ordered from Japan. That was the beginning...
It is sad to hear they are no longer in use in Japan.