Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

This years new plants in my garden

This year husband was reading about tomatoes in the internet. He ordered seeds of different kinds of rare tomatoes and went really ballistic. This was a first. He was never that much into growing plants before.
As result we have an overcrowded greenhouse:

and almost tomato plants on every dry and sunny place around our house. This is the view out of our sleeping room window - it reminds on a jungle.

I just did what I do every year, I am growing some new flowers before gardening starts to get boring
Here are some examples:

A sweet potato with deep purple leaves,so pretty!

And new border plants: I bought the seeds for the Cerinthe mayor purpurascens in England. I have never seen this plant in Germany so it was quite challenging but the results are great. Seeds need a very warm surrounding to start germination. This may be the reason while most attempts of sowing lead to nothing as I read in some gardening forums. It is a nice border plant and it melted quite fine into my other border plants. I sowed it end of May in the greenhouse and now it started flowering.

 And new canna lilies. My old cannas died in the garage because of the last very cold winter. Now I had to start anew.

And I mixed different coloured Pelargonium crispum grandiflorum (very big blossoms) with Plectranthus coleoides which worked out just fine. I will stick to this combination for the bigger plant pots the next years.  Butterflies are very interested in the pelargonium flowers therfore my cats are happy.

big clay plant pot 50cm x 50 cm

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Rare tomatoes?! I hope you provide some more details some day!