Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

German beef rolls - Rindsrouladen

Today I made a very traditional german dish: Rindsrouladen (Stuffed beef rolls).
There is even a wikipedia entry for this

I bought four big and long, but thinnly cut slices beef (from the upper back leg), aged nicely and marbled with fat. This is important or the dish will turn out dry and hard to chew.
With the help of a meat pounder I stretched out the slices even a little more.
I spread 1 teaspoon mustard on each slice and covered this with bacon slices. Afterwards I placed carrot sticks (1 small carrot for 1 slice), halved pickled cucumbers (gerkins) and thinly cut onion slices from 1 onion on this and wrapped it up. I did not use any salt because the air dried bacon was salty enough. I fixed the rolls with wooden tooth picks and powdered them with a little flour only.
Meanwhile I ground 8 black peppercorns,  5 allspice berries, 4 juniper berries in a spice mill together with 1 tablespoon mustard seeds  and sprinkled a little on the meat.
I cut 2 carrots, 1 onion and a quarter celery (root) in small cubes and 1/2 leek in slices.

First I heated up a little oil in a cast iron pot. I seared the rolls from each side until they were nicely browned and set them aside on a plate. I added the vegetables to the pot and roasted them together with the spice mixture, 2 laurel leaves, 1 tablespoon tomato paste and 1 pinch sugar.  After the vegetables showed some roast marks I deglaced the whole with a glass of red wine and boiled it down until the alcohol was nearly gone (during this I scraped the pot bottom good). I added 400 ml beef stock, a little salt and the meat rolls and covered the pot with a lit. On very small heat I let the meat rolls tenderly simmer for 2 hours and afterwards I put the dish in the fridge for one night.
The day after I heated up the sauce and meat, set the meat aside and sieved the sauce. I boiled the sauce up and reduced it to nearly the half and thickened it with a little starch (1 small teaspoon starch stirred in a little sherry).
Meanwhile I cooked Spätzle (german noodles) and half of a cauliflower and 1 smaller brokkoli (the vegetables were steamed with a little salt and nutmeg with a little water).
For serving:
Cut rolls in slices after removing the tooth picks. Serve with sauce, noodles and vegetables. There are different ways concerning the side dish: potato mash or boiled salted potatoes and red cabbage (stewed) are the most traditional.  Serving Spätzle is the southern german way and I don’t like to eat red cabbage stew during summer times.

Does'nt look that much...but I did have enough time...

As for dessert we had peach compote (made from white fleshed flat peaches called donut, saturn or Ufo peach, cooked with some sugar, - not much, a little lemon juice and a hint bitter almond oil) and plain yoghurt.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Thank you for showing us another traditional German dish!

Looks very good, and I must say that German rolls are quite different from Japanese ones, particularly in size.

The noodles look good, too!

Sissi hat gesagt…

Your rolls look delicious! My mum makes very similar rolls but only stuffed with fried bacon and pickled cucumbers. She also pounds the meat before so that it stretches and becomes a bit more tender.