Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

Deep fried eggplants - japanese style

These days Hiroyuki made a very interesting dish using eggplants: Nasu no age bitashi.
Now is the season and I got hold of a few smaller ones. So I simply did nearly the same:

I cut the eggplants into halves, made the surface carvings in a nice and almost equal crisscross pattern (but not as small and well defined as Hiroyuki did - because I am a lazy cook... just read his entry and look at the pictures) and because the eggplants were still a little bit too big, I halved the halves again. So in the picture above is actually a quartered eggplant already fried and stored in sauce.

My own eggplants in the garden still need some time even when there are some kind of dwarf eggplants with the lovely name "Ophelia" not that I recommend the store but the pictures are nice:
This eggplant needs some more days...

I soaked the eggplant quarters in salted water (for a few minutes only), patted them dry  and deep fried them in batches of 4 pieces from each side until softer. Besides I used a wok for frying.

I didnt buy the sauce because I simply could not find any mentsuyu.
As for the smentsuyu I boiled up:
4 small cups dashi (instant dashi stock) and added
1 small cup soy sauce,
½ s. cup sake (because I had only little mirin left),
½ s. cup mirin,
2 tablespoons sugar
until the sugar had desolved.
I transferred the deep fried eggplant pieces into the sauce stored them in the fridge. Very tasty


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

I'm glad you liked the dish, but I was a little disappointed because I had thought you would make it in some German way (laugh).

The lattice cuts are optional. If you do a Google image search for なすの揚げ浸し, you will get lots of images that may inspire you.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Oh yes I see, lots of different cutting methods, thanks a lot. Besides: It is still delicious the other day.