Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

Apricot dumplings

This is a sweet main dish from Austria which is very addicting but bad for the hips. It was one of my favorite dishes as child and I still make apricot dumpling sometimes during the short apricot season.

Dumpling - sweet sour filling
You need:
10 apricots not too soft, ripe fruits
10 sugar lumps
450 g waxy potatoes
2 tablespoons strong wheat flour
2 tablespoons corn starch or potato starch
2 tablespoons semolina
1large egg
1 good pinch salt
1 pinch nutmeg

For topping:
70 g butter
3 tablespoons panko flakes, smashed into fine crumbs
2-3 tablespoons sugar (as sweet as you like)

Boil potatoes in their jackets until done. Remove peels while hot and mash (potatoe ricer). Spread mash on a bigger plate, cover with a tea towel and let rest about a few hours in the fridge.
Knead mash, flour, starch, semolina, egg, salt and nutmeg into a smooth and firm dough and form a roll. Cut roll in 10 equal slices.
Cut apricots open and remove the stones. Instead of the stones place a sugar cube/lump (or a good pinch rough ground sugar).
Apricots and dough
Pat dough slices flat. Wrap each apricot in one slice and form a dumpling. Make sure the dough covers the apricot even and completely.
Dumplings - still uncooked
Boil 3 liters salted water as for cooking noodles. Lower heat to medium and simmer the dumplings for 15 minutes, they will start to drift to the water surface.
Meanwhile heat butter in a pan and roast the panko flakes until golden, add sugar and stir well .
Remove dumplings with a slotted spoon and toss in the pan.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Very interesting recipe! I've never thought of putting a whole apricot (plus sugar) inside a dumpling!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

And there exists a very similiar recipe putting a blue plum inside. It is a sweet dish and sugar is a must: just think about some sweet mochi with fruits. It fits perfectly in our wheat and potato eating culture and is one of the key recipes of the austrian so called famous "Mehlspeisen". Those dishes are related / developed for the catholic religious pratice of eating dishes made from eggs, vegetables, fruits and flour (for example) during the times were eating meat was / is not appropriate (forbidden) as during lenten fast.

Sissi hat gesagt…

Your dumplings look like a beautiful, perfect summer dish! There is a very similar Polish and maybe Hungarian recipe but with plums. I agree it's totally addictive but bad for the hips ;-)