Montag, 4. Juni 2012

Other countries

I made a little journey. In fact I visited Southern England and stayed in lots of hotels and visited lots of places:
Brighton - Stonehenge - Winchester - Salisbury - Torquay - Dartmoor - Newquay - Lands End - St. Ives- Bath - London - Dover
Brighton is so not my place to be. We had a very annoying night in an old but very english hotel were the elevator did not work and we had to  carry our luggage up to the forth flour. My room was hot and sticky. There was no air condition and they even fixed the window with some screws to stay close all the time - maybe to prevent english drunkyards to jump out of the window in the middle of night. Never seen so many drunk young people before as in Brighton. Mostly horrible fat english girls and guys. Guys tatooed not only at their backs or upper arms, even on leg, neck and face - disgusting, screaming and fighting all day and night long. One took an open air pee near the hotel entrance in the evening after drinking since afternoon (and he and his wife or what ever had small children with them too), I was quite happy to leave Brighton after one night.
We changed for some nicer locations afterwards.

I lived on fully flegded english breakfast (roasted toast with jam and butter, cheddar cheese, fried or scrambled eggs, roasted bacon, grilled mushrooms, grilled tomatoes - no beans for me) and dinner in the evenings - mostly fish: grilled or steamed seabream or haddock with different sauces and vegetables and always delicious. No wonder, lots of places I visited were located near or at the sea.
As this lovely manor - a nice garden too: rebuilt garden from 1550.

In the afternoon I always had cream tea: tea and scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, so good - I gained some pounds on my hips.
My mom with her cream tea (without tea, she likes to have cappuccino all day long)
Or I had a local snack as cornish pasties. So good eaten at the sea side looking a St Michaels Mount:

Cornish pasty filled with potaotoes, sirloin steak and root vegetables - spicy

But I took quite a few cliff walks, or a sightseeing stroll into towns and gardens, and always had a swim in the evening to prevent the worst.

Stroll on the cornish trekking path at Lands end

I bought lots of souvenirs: Sandwich spread, gardening gloves, snacks as indian hot and spicy noodle and nuts, tea, crisps, brown sauce, hot and spicy indian mango chutney, ground mustard, cornwall fudge made with clotted cream, cinder toffee,
I bought candies in this nice shop
short cake cookies, fig rolls (cookies), tea towels, 2 cook books:  a Somerset cook book called "favourite Somerset recipes" bought in Bath and a cook book about indonesian recipes I bought in a second hand book shop and liquorice from England and Netherlands (I had a break in the Netherlands).
As I came back late in the evening my humble husband prepared the dinner for me: Still hot and just in time: Tortellini and a spicy tomatoe sauce.  Isn't he sweet?
Today I tried some of the recipe of the indonesian cookbook
Fish paddies and sweet and sour vegetable - recipes and pictures will follow the next days.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Okaeri nasai (Welcome back)!

Hope to see your recipes in action soon!

Sissi hat gesagt…

Kiki, it seems you have had a very interesting trip. I'm very glad to see you have enjoyed the food (many people simply don't manage to get good food in Britain, but I know it exists: I had it!).
Last time I was in London I looked very carefully for a place serving a full English breakfast (I don't care for the beans, but black pudding was absolutely obligatory! it was the best one I have ever had: crunchy, very spicy and full oh herbs).
I have heard some horror stories about certain British seaside towns and young drinking visitors... I don't envy the locals.

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Thank you for updating this post with photos! Now I can see what the pastry looks like. It looks delicious!