Samstag, 28. April 2012

Gardening duties on a warm spring day

Finally I was able to plant something. During the last weeks it was too rainy, or too cold, or I had too much work related issues. Now we had a lovely day with 23 degree Celsius in the shadow and much more in the sun. If it could stay like this ongoing it would be pretty perfect.
Today I planted my pelagorniums into my window boxes, put out some salad seeds and radish seeds, replaced and planted some herbs which did not survive -20 C as rosemary and I took my datura outside. I also planted some lilly bulbs and my much beloved Crocosmia named Lucifer. Since I visited a garden in Cornwall (Helligans lost gardens) this is one of my all time favorites and I had to plant some more.
Husband planted his tomato seedlings in the green house.
Tomorrow there are some more bulbs and roots waiting for me as dahlias and cannas. Lucky most of my roses and shrubs survived the latest harsh winter. Now they begin to get some leaves. Even my japanese tea hydrangea shows some greens. I planted two new hydrangeas one called peppermint (flowers white and pink) and one cream coloured hydrangea paniculata.

Why did this snail climb on the Nashi tree - I gave it a free lift down...

After so many gardenig tasks we had a nice BBQ just some pork belly slices, steak and two spicy french sausages.
After that I watch the first hedgehog of the year and fed it some cat food and I found a may beetle ( yeah, blessed). It flew around the garden making some noise - so cute, such a wonderful day.

We will visit a Hanami tomorrow, managed by the german japanese friendship society at the Hiroshima commemoration grove   (Hiroshima Gedächtnishain ), lots of cherry trees, food stables, have some tea ceremony, watch kendo pratice, calligraphers, cute crossplay by the manga club girls and so on.  I wonder if there are much cherry blossoms left - it is way too hot but it is a chance to have some small talk in japanese language.  Starting to think about the o-bentos. 
Monday I will have to face some tooth surgery and I hope the first of may will not be that bad. But right now I am going to eat and drink to my fullest who knows when I will be able to chew something....



Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

You sure did just a lot of work around the house! I won't start vegetable gardening until next week mainly because I'm still busy with my regular work and partly because it's still rather cold here (it's very hot today, though).

I hope you enjoy hanami tomorrow!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Did not. I sprained my ankle just two hours before leaving. So we called it off. And today my surgeon got sick and they called off the surgery too. I don't know - do I have some sort of bad luck running wild?

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Das tut mir leid! Take care!