Freitag, 16. März 2012

Strawberry - Charlotte

I didn't want to buy them, first strawberries of the year, because it is way too early for strawberries. But they looked good, the price was reasonable and today we had a nice warm spring day  (20 C).
Time for a  cup of coffee and big slice typical german cake, messy grandma style, while sitting in the garden. Charlottes are known all over europe, so maybe we did not invent it, but who cares... It is a question wether this is a cake or not. At least it is always some sort of cream / mousse surronded by sponge cake or lady fingers.

All you need is to bake a sprong cake layer. The rest is done in a blink or so, that depends.

For the layer:
  • Beat 3 egg yolks with 100 g sugar until white and fluffy
  • beat 3 egg whites with a little salt until stiff peaks form
  • beat 2 tablespoons oil into the egg yolks
  • add 70 g flour and 30 g starch (both sieved) and beat for a short round only
  • fold in egg whites
  • spread batter on parchment paper (one baking sheet layered with parchment paper)
  • bake for 15 - 20 min at 180 C until light golden and done (toothpick method)
  • Sprinkle a linnen tea towel with 2 tablespoons sugar and turn the sponge cake layer over onto the sugar coated towel(sugar prevents the sticking of the layer to the towel)
  • quickly remove parchment paper from the back of the layer
  • cover the layer with 100g strawberry jam
  •  roll the layer up with the help of the tea towel - think sushi roll
  •  let cool
    / Working with the sponge cake layer has to be done very quickly. Once the layer cools down, and it will cool down fast, rolling gets impossible!
Sponge cake roll on tea towel
For the filling
  • puree 250 g strawberries and 6 tablespoons sugar in a blender
  • mix puree with 250 g yoghurt
  • prepare liquid gelatine made from 8 g gelatine sheets or powder - follow instructions of the producer (enough gelatine to stiffen 800 ml liquid)
  • mix gelatine with some tablespoons strawberry-yoghurt, add this back to the bigger part strawberry-yoghurt and mix well
  • place the strawberry-yoghurt in the fridge until it just starts to get firmer (not really firm!!!)
  • fold in 250 g strawberries cut into slices
  • whip 450 g whipping cream until stiff and fold into the strawberry-yoghurt- don't overdo the folding
Assemble cake
  • Cut sponge cake roll into thin slices
  • layer a round bowl (1.5 l content) with cling film
  • cover the bottom and the sides of the bowl with sponge cake slices
  • fill in the cream
  • cover the top with a layer of sponge cake slices
  • let sit in the fridge for 2 hours minimum
  • turn the bowl over and let the cake slip on a plate and remove cling film.
Cut into wedges and enjoy. This is a bad bad cake. It tastes so fluffy. I don't use much gelatine so the cake is rather tricky to cut, but more gelatine ruins the heavenly fluffyness. More gelatine will keep the cake in a much more neat and better shape, even the sponge cake layer will stick much better together, but I hate it when the mousse reminds me on rubber. This cake has to be stored in the fridge or it will run away.

So it looks a little bit like a mess.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Thanks for showing us something I am ignorant of. It sounds both delicious and easy!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

But it does not look good (laugh). I was quite unsure wether I should post it.
After one night at the fridge it was much better composed.

Sissi hat gesagt…

Kiki, this is one of the impressive, elaborate cakes I am scared even to try baking. It looks extraordinary and I cannot even imagine how delicious it is.