Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Onigiri again

It is the beginning of the gardening season.  We made good use of the mild and friendly weather until it started to rain. Husband was about and around his pond and his car and I had to cut a huge amount of twigs and branches into smaller pieces after I chopped down one tree yesterday (yes I did use the chain saw and survived unharmed...). I also pruned the quince tree and nashi tree, cut the roses and removed dead wood and shrubs.  Afterwards I digged out some plants: I filled a cardboard box with a few offshoots of some of my plants as one young rhododendron, hollies, cherry laurel, mahonia. A friend needs some plants for his new garden and these are for free.
At lunchtime I got really hungry - too much activities, engine running on low. I quickly made some rice balls - japanese onigiri. Today I tried to follow the advice to make some with bare naked hands right after steaming the rice. But the rice was way too hot. I put on some vinyl gloves and this worked out pretty good. Still hot but without instant pain.
I steamed 1 cup japanese short grain rice after washing the rice until the water runs clear. I made a simple filling: one small can flaked tuna (without liquid), a little mustard, mayonnaise and lemon juice and some salt pickled capers and minced spring onion.
I mixed 1 tablespoon black sesame seeds and chopped seaweed ( 1 teaspoon) into the hot rice. I moistened the gloves with water, sprinkled a little seasalt flakes (fleur de sel) into one palm and put some rice on it,  placed some tuna in the middle, wrapped the rice around and formed a triangle shape in one go without much squeezing. I did not turn the rice ball more than 3 times.  Hot rice really holds its shape much better and the salt flakes were just right as thought. I still need some practice with wrapping a stripe of nori nicely.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Good job!

Many onigiri shops use plastic gloves to make onigiri for sanitation reasons, and many people use plastic wrap for the same reasons.

If you simply transfer the rice to a bowl after it is cooked, mix other ingredients, and wait for a few minutes, the rice will be cooled down to an appropriate temperature, not too hot to handle with bare hands or lukewarm.

Sissi hat gesagt…

I love onigiri so much and always forget to take photos... I fill them also very often with canned tuna, mayonnaise, but have never added capers! (Although I make this mixture with capers for sandwiches). Thank you for the great onigiri filling idea.
When you talked about your garden I started to laugh thinking how I spent half of last Sunday on my "garden" (balcony containers where I grow herbs). The only Winter surivors were parsley, Chinese chives and European chives, but I have planted many other herbs. Mitsuba, like last year, hoping it will sprout too!