Freitag, 16. März 2012

Breakfast - just crack an egg

Today I took a day off. Time to have a relaxed start of the day. I just read a little and was visiting [no recipes] cook blog. This is so my breakfast, I thought. Not the beans and citrusses plate but the egg. Yes! Must have this egg and toast and bacon asap!
So I made it: Voila -poached egg on toast
Poached egg seasoned with black pepper and fleur de sel

The egg is seated on a layer of warmed loin ham on a slice of roasted french bread - and I did not cut off the crust because I love to crunch and munch bread crusts.
last bite
I skipped the hint calling for vinegar because I hate the faintly taste of vinegar clinging to the egg whites. I bought really beautiful big and fresh eggs yesterday so the coagulating should be fine without any vinegar harmed. It is very convenient to live in the countryside concerning buying fresh eggs.

I just cracked the egg into a tiny bowl and dipped the bowl in hot simmering water while releasing the egg. First I heated the water, as recommended by Marc, to the point of vivid rolling boil and reduced the heat from 9 to 7-6. I use an induction oven. So 9 is the highest heating (there is  a 9+P too which is power heating - good for wok) and 7-6 which is just simmering with vivid small bubbles (think sparkling water). I did not loose much egg white. In fact it formed a cup around the egg yolk in an instant - very good.
Some cooks recommend, you should stir the water during the state of  a rolling boil into a vortex and place the egg in the middle of the vortex using a ladle. The vortex will twist the egg white around the yolk. Most of the time the vortex is too slow or too quick or what ever and the whites don't twist nicely.  The bowl method is much more of a safe game.
Thanks to Marc I had a nice breakfast.


Sissi hat gesagt…

I am addicted to eggs and think we consume lots of them compared to other people. We have been doing it for years, have no cholesterol or other problems, so I think it's not that unhealthy ;-)
Anyway, I love poached eggs but sometimes they work sometimes they don't, so I will be happy to test your tip. Thanks!
PS By loin ham do you mean smoked pork loin? I love it, buy it in the only shop selling it here and substitute often streaky bacon with it. I also wish I could find smoked spare ribs here... They are extraordinary in some soups.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Yes smoked loin. Concerning eggs, I am always dreaming about keeping some quails in my backyard. I like quail eggs the most.

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Thanks for the recipe. For some reason, poached eggs are less popular than fried eggs in Japan. I like eggs; they are cheap and nutritious. I think I should give the recipe a try.

muskratbyte hat gesagt…

There is a little that I love more than a poached egg over a slice of french baguette and a piece of ham. YUM!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Muskratbyte: softness, juicyness, saltiness, the flavour of ham, the crunchy bread, all kind of textures: addicting...