Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Early spring gardening

Today it is quite sunny and +10 C. Guess this winter is done (hopefully). It was the worst since long.
We lost our pond. Due to the very deep temperatures (some nights about -20 C) the underground moved and the water of the pond vanished during one single night. There must be a crack somewhere. Only one fish survived the desaster. He has to live in a bucket until we manage to repare the pond ground. Husband is very unhappy - he loved his pond very much. The fishes were like some sort of pets, snacking food from the hand and now all are gone. I am not talking about Koi. We just had a lot of Shubunkin, but some were 8 years old and rather big and tame. The herons often snacked on them too. That is the reason why we don't grow expensive fish. There are lots of grey herons in our region screening the ponds and they don't care about first class fish or low budget and they are not shy, not one bit. But a heron may pick one or two and not all in one go. It was quite annoying and sad for husband to remove the remains of the fish. We hope we will be able to save some plants as the nymphaeas, but could not do anything because there was still lots of ice in the pond. Now this is gone too and we can start to remove everything and try to seal the base.

The kiwi has lots of freeze damages too. We will lose all of the long branches and it will have to grow new from its roots. Some roses don't look good either and the rosemary died. As for the rest I will have to wait until later wether there will be a sign of new leaves or not. Some plants as the fig need month to recover.

But there are also some nice signs of new life. First Spring flowers arrived:

Crocus tommasinianus - elf crocus
snowdrops (a lot..)
The small elf crocus are nearly everywhere. I found many patches around the pond. And the snowdrops spread too.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Sorry to hear about your pond. I didn't know that cold weather could cause such damage.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

We did not know this too. But now we learned this may happen concerning artifical ponds. Lucky we found the damaged spot - a quite long crack. Husband will do some reparing during the next hour (he found a second fish still alive at the deepest part in a small water pit, another water bucket inhabitant). Guess we may refill the pond in the afternoon using our well water but it will take some time until filled up (lucky we have our own well). Still wondering were the thousands and thousands liters of water have gone during that special night. Our underground drainage system must have worked perfectly.