Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

Spring cleaning

Tomorrow I will have a guest staying  over night. Foreigner...
As good german housewife (which I am not) I am giving my everything to clean the house before the guest will arrive.  I am not going to ruin our recommandations as one of the cleanest and well organised countries of the world.
But I must say, this winter/early spring sun is not my friend. Every little dust grain seems to have doubled in size. Yes, even dwarfs may throw big shadows - from time to time... After several unpleasant hours I may recommend this: never ever buy bright glossy lacquered kitchen (cabinet)s.  This I regret the most. It is a pain to polish until bright and shiny again.
drawers, spick and span

And I am going to kill that red cat if it paws the fridge and the glass doors again. And if someone is going to ask why polish a kitchen until really spick and span you even could use it as mirror? I was so stupid to wish for a living room / kitchen combination as displayed in showy living and interior magazines. This is also something which will lead into never ending cleaning. No wonder people don't cook any more. They are afraid to dirty their kitchens and ruin their lvinig rooms.
And I would say cats are highly overrated. Dirty little devils. Here are two of them playing safe while I was wiping the floor.
cats leaving wet footprints behind...
I am so not going to cook something today.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Thank you for your funny description of your... situation, kitchen, and everything.

A Japanese would do the same before a visitor arrives, too.

Here is a thread that shows my kitchen:
I am glad that my wife chose enameled kitchen cabinets of Takara standard.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

My cabinets have an enameled finish too: glossy deep chilli red. That is the reason why I have to polish that much. But the good thing: the finish is resistent to heat, water, acids, scratches and such. Choosing a kitchen is quite something. I got 50% discount on the price. Every single kitchen meter (width from wall to wall) did cost the same. That was something special because for the meter I could choose freely which kind of cabinets(high /low)and how many drawers integrated (deep, small, flat, pharmacy) and what type of doors (glass or enameled; opens up or to one side). And I could choose the manufacturer (one manufacturer cost xxx.xx the meter another yyy.xx). Based on this price I got 50% discount because I signed on a fair. So it took me a long time to decide on every single cabinet configuration. I think I ripped them off. Lucky...

Sissi hat gesagt…

I also clean my house before guests arrive! I sometimes even think "luckily she/he/they come, otherwise the flat would be dusty and dirty for one more week ;-)
I will remember your advice when I finally have my own flat (I'm renting and the kitchen is the only furnished room I cannot change...)