Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

Cooking for chinese - german dishes only !

Today I had guests from China. I decided to cook a full fledged german dinner. Stir fried noodles they may buy at home. Last time I was invited to a famous Peking duck diner in Beijing. Now I had to do something in return.
I cooked a so called traditional sunday dinner / 3 course:

1. Soup - clear (clear as glass) beef broth with vegetable juliennes (carrot, celery) and small seminola dumplings called Griessknoedel (this is so german) and chopped chives.

clear broth with chives and dumplings

2. Roasted young ducks filled with pumpkin, celery and chestnuts (recipe after a german  michelin star cook), red cabbage stewed sweet / sour (spiced with a little star anise and cinnamon stick, sweetened with brown sugar, apples, cassis jam; sour due to red wine and balsamico vinegar)- not overcooked into a mashy state, potaoe dumpling: rolled, filled with roasted bread cubes (croutons), herbs and roasted bacon dices, duck sauce: reduction of the roasting liquids (ducks were roasted above some roasting ingredients: carrot, onion, celery, chopped duck wings, necks, stomachs, hearts and a little water) with red wine, orange juice and zestes

middle top duck leg, red cabbage, pumpkin chestnut stuffing, slice of dumpling roll, duck breast, center: sauce

3. Black forest cake. Made out of chocolate sponge cake layers, lactose free whipped cream, acid cherries compote (cherries from my garden) and lots of Kirsch (clear cherry brandy).

small (18 cm diameter) black forest cake

The soup/broth was nice, with intense flavors (I cooked the broth from soup bones/scrap meat, fresh and dried  mushrooms, root vegetables, afterwards a sip sherry), they did not ask for soy sauce although I offered some (japanese brand). Husband recommended Maggi but I could stop them. Maggi is for native only.
The ducks were juicy and tender and they liked the stewed red cabbage (surprise) and the potatoe dumpling slices! I roasted the ducks a few hours earlier and just reheated them at 200 degree Celsius with the oven ventilation system on and a little grilling and a glaze made from forest honey and balsamico vinegar. Worked out brilliant.
They ate only a little cake (maybe it was too much).

Minor problems with fork and knife, but I had to eat with chop sticks the whole time during my visit in Beijing. I even managed to eat a whole grilled carp with sweet corn. Now we are even (laugh). Some minor burnings due to heated plates.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

You treated your guests very well indeed, with authentic German dishes!!!

I wonder if no alcohol was served during the dinner.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

No alcohol. I offered red wine or beer, but mineral water was it.

Sissi hat gesagt…

This looks like a fantastic German feast! No riesling? (I'm in love with German dry riesling now).
The chopstick/fork and knife problem is what waits for me when I, hopefully, go to Japan, this is why I practice chopsticks use every time I have an Asian dish. Rice (the bottom of the bowl!) and as you say the whole fish are the worst.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Sissi: I have some Riesling in the basement but I offered a red wine which I also used for the sauce.
I am a Riesling fan too but concerning the more "heavy" dinner I thought red wine would be a better choice.