Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Soul food from southern germany

Last week I had to stay 2 days in southern germany, in Stuttgart - home of the big cars with the star. I am always glad to visit Stuttgart because members of my family came from this part of the country. I love the local dialect and the traditional food. These things remind me of happy childhood memories. As this dish:

Maultaschen roasted in a pan covered with egg

During a few free hours I visited local stores and the market hall where you may buy lots of good food. If you ever come to Stuttgart don't miss it. It is one of the most beautiful market halls in germany. Here are some pictures
There I bought a local delicacy: Stuttgarter Maultaschen. It reminds on japanese gyoza or chinese dumplings: Noodle dough bags filled with minced veal, bacon, spinach and lots of herbs. I also bought dried and smoked Blutwurst and dried pears, buns (made pretzle style a local speciality) and rye bread "Schnitzbrot" made with nuts and lots of dried fruits, escpecially dried pears (dried pears are called Schnitz) again a local delicacy. Souvenirs, souvenirs.

Today I cooked the Maultaschen. First I simmered the Maultaschen in beef broth and afterwards they were cut in thick stripes and roasted in a pan until browned. At least I added 3 scrambled eggs and served them together with green salad with a sweet dressing made from broth, cream, vinegar, sugar and salt. My grandmother made Maultaschen this way. Another way - very traditional: Maultaschen are served with lots of roasted onions in brown sauce and with potatoe salad (no mayonnaise please: broth, oil and vinegar dressing) and a green salad. I had this dish in Stuttgart too.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Thanks for a photo of Maultaschen. Always learning new things from your blog!

And, thanks for the link. I didn't expect to see fresh-looking fish and seafood sold in a market in Germany!

Sissi hat gesagt…

Kiki, you have made me dream about a trip to Stuttgart! All the food you mention sounds so delicious (Especially the dumplings and Blutwurst).
By the way, have you posted a German potato salad yet? I have heard many enthusiastic opinions.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

No, I don't think I posted potatoe salad yet. But I could prepare some today.

Sissi hat gesagt…

You have made me very curious ;-) so if one day you prepare one, it would be great to have a recipe! I love all sorts of potato salads and the German one sounds delicious and different.