Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Preparing X-Mas decorations with plants from my garden

At the moment we have very nice late autumn weather: sunny and not that cold. I am still working in my garden. Today I cut off noisy wisteria twigs. This plant always tries to eat up my house and I am still fighting back.  If it will ever reach the house it is going to destroy the roof. The wisteria always tries to find ways: Snuggling at the base of the wall it is creeping along the wild grape climbing up to reach the house. Since the grape lost its leaves I found out and I cut quite a lot 2-6 m long wisteria branches. Pretty perfect for making a floral wreath. I decorated the wreath with wild grape and physalis and hung it near my front door. This wreath is tied by wisteria only without any wire. You need very long branches to build a big and even ring in a a nice shape. It is a nice way to get rid of wisteria and a good and very eco friendly out door decoration for Christmas.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

The hoozuki (physalis) are beautiful!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Thank you! This year I had lots and lots of physalis in my garden - they did grow like crazy. In german they are called Lampionblume (paper lantern flower).