Montag, 7. November 2011

Day #8 of nukadoko

It's getting colder now. Outside temperatures dropped and we have much nasty fog and a very annoying drizzling  rain (air moisture 99%). We started to heat more: The last two days we switched to burn wood in our main fireplace in addition to common heating. The room temperature was pretty high. This had some effect on the rice bran bed. It started to smell more intense. Smell reminds of an old olive farm, working in a very traditional way, I once visited in turkey. They let olives mature (pickle) in salt water basins (seawater). That is how it smells and little bit of linoleum. Good, bad? I really don't know.

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Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Once your nukadoko is fully fermented, you have several options, such as: Placing it outdoors on some days and indoors on others, while carefully watching its status and checking the indoor and outdoor temperatures daily; and separating your nukadoko into two smaller containers that can fit your fridge and placing them indoors on some days and in the fridge on others.