Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

Day #10 of Nukadoko

Pickled small baby cucumbers for a few hours only. Delicious. Had a great sandwich with fresh cream cheese, chopped chives, pickled cucumber slices and boiled egg slices this morning.

This is the same sandwhich without egg.


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

You did it!! Congratulations on your success! But, as you know, this is just the beginning of your relations with nukadoko. I hope you treat it like a child!

By the way, I added a description of the episode you are intestered in to my blog.

Sissi hat gesagt…

Your sandwich sounds amazing! (Don't tell me you had it with good, moist dark German bread... I love it with fresh cheese...).

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Sissi: Sure thing, dark bread. Whole grain rye but finely grounded. I like the combination of fresh cheese and cucumbers or tomatoes or small red radishes very much.