Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

Glazed spare ribs

If you ask BBQ? Husband always asks back: spare ribs? It is his favorite.
Last chance this year - the so called omega constellation will change soon (isn't it a nice name for fine and warm weather?) . Spare ribs are only available during summertimes due to the local butchers BBQ-season arrangements.
The butcher in our small village already changed his programme to autumn and winter, nothing but pickled porkfeed, sunday roasts and such. And  nothing you would like to eat on a  hot sunny day so we drove into the city. Lucky we got some spare ribs (afterwards there were only 2 more left). It was a rare "sunday open innercity day" so the shops at the centre were opened from 1 pm to 6 pm. Usually in germany shops are closed on sunday. The city was really crowded with people (same idiots as us, got nothing better to do as to go shopping on a sunday). So we decided to look quickly for the meat and snacks and returned home as soon as possible. There was an interesting spice contest - all different kinds of food and one should tell the spices used and win a prize, somewhere in the middle. We did'nt manage to get through - way too many people on the street.

At home I precooked the ribs in a broth made from dashi with a huge knob of ginger (sliced), a little garlic (crashed), 1/2 carrot and 1 leek, salt and soy sauce until they were tender. This took nearly 45+ minutes. I am going to freeze the broth. It will act as base for a nice ramen soup when the weather turns cold.

The ribs dried for a few minutes in a sieve and than I brushed them with a mixture of:
1 tablespoon chilisauce, 2 tablespoons plumsauce and  2 tablespoon soy sauce

This mixture contains a lot of sugar so the ribs cannot be placed directly over the charcoal, they would burn in seconds. So the ribs were placed next to charcoal at the charcoal free half of the grill and the grill was closed with the dome lid. After 10 minutes we turned the ribs over, after another 10 minutes they were ready to be eaten.  Meanwhile I grilled some pork steaks with a dry rub made from cajun seasoning and herbs (thyme, rosemary) over the charcoal and 2 minute steaks (beaf) brined in ginger, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar later on.
I also made some side dishes: a carrot-cabbage-cellery salad with yoghurt dressing and portobello mushroom heads filled with minced mushroom stems, grated cheese, minced onion, couscous and herbs, combined with an beaten egg and baked in the oven.
This was our BBQ - some meat we will eat tomorrow. The ribs were really soft and tender and easy to eat by fingers:
glazed spare ribs

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Sissi hat gesagt…

I love glazed spare ribs. I have once found a Chinese recipe with lots of garlic, soy sauce, sugar and star anise (oh and cinnamon) and haven't even tried changing the mixture... Maybe it's high time? I like the succulent, juicy look of your cut spare rib.